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The Sims Review

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Hey people! This is Nameless Gaming's review for The Sims and its expansion pack, Livin' Large, or LL. This is my first time writing a review, so forgive me if you don't understand something. Well, here it goes...

The Sims

The Sims, for those who haven't played it, is a game in which you get to create families, build a house for them (or move them into a prebuilt one), and guide them through their happy little lives. I guess being able to be the head honcho, the boss, of them is a cool idea. Some people like to torture them (like put them in a pool and take out the ladder so they drown), and some people like to have the perfect family. I'm somwhere in the middle.

One thing that really bugs me about this game is building the houses. For the most part it isn't too hard, but if you are like me, and you zoom out to build the frame of the house, you have no clue of how big the house is gonna be. And when you finally zoom in after building, it turns out to be so humongous that after you put in the furniture and the lights, theres still so much empty space that the whole house is screwed up! It just looks weird, and it really annoys me. Its just too hard to zoom in and build the frame, trust me. How would you like it if it took you ten minutes to walk from the living room to the kitchen? Anyway, another thing that ticks me off is some of the different colors of carpeting. Who would want lime green carpet when the closest wallpaper that matches is French paper with a scalloped pattern? do I put this...different. I wish there were more clothes and characters for the kids. They should be able to grow up into adults too. The babies that the Sims have are a major hassle to take care of. I just recommend that you make a family with a kid instead of having one. It's much easier. I say this because the babies need around the clock care for three sim days, then they become kids.And i mean around the clock. Every hour on the hour, the baby wails, and you have to sing to it, feed it, or play with it a million times. This is a major pain in the ___ because sometimes the adult sims get upset about waking up at three in the morning (wouldnt you?). Usually they can't get back to sleep afterward, and when they've been woken up by the baby, instead of rushing to it, they sit in bed and rub their eyes for an hour and then walk veeerrry slowly to the baby's crib. And if you don't take care of the baby in a certain amount of time, a social worker comes and takes it away. Take my advice: DO NOT LET YOUR SIMS HAVE A BABY. if you are one who likes a challenge, go ahead and let your sims have one, dont let me influence you. For some who don't know any codes, money may be a problem. You get 20,000 simoleans to start out. It may seem like alot but it isnt. Its all you get to buy the lot, build the house, furnish it, and pay for the sim's meals. You should just get the stupid code (press ctrl+shift+C, then type 'rosebud' for an extra 1,000) and build a big ___ house and have your sims living in the lap of luxury...or have your sims livin' large....

The Sims Livin Large Expansion

This expansion pack makes the game soo much better. The new upgrades are the ____! They have different items for your sims to interact with, new furniture, and new carpet and wallpaper. This time, the carpet actually goes with the wallpaper! Forgive me, im picky. LL also has much more neighborhoods to build in, which is very cool. There's also a robot you can buy named Servo, who is an extremely helpful robot that cleans up around the house after your lazy bum Sims.

One of the new items aside from Servo, is a genie lamp that, when rubbed, could either give your Sim alot of money or a major infestation of roaches. The roaches are also a major pain in the ___ because they spread everywhere. Theres tons of different plants to spruce up the inside and outside of your sims house. There is a rocket that you can have your sims set off. If its outside, there shouldnt be a problem. If its inside, the house burns down, which is very funny to watch. I guess when mixed together, The Sims and The Sims:Livin Large make one hell of a cool game.

The LT's score: 9 out of 10

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