Operation Ivy Lyrics


what happened to your bush it's not the same something in your hedge made a violent change we come we see we dive and destroy and anhilating shrubs is what we enjoy hedge core hedge dive hedge hedge core we're (doin?) hedges to stay alive it's anarchy night every night of the year with chaotic mayhem we keep your bush in fear terrorist assasins of creative gardening fucking up your hedge here's what we sing

Hangin Out

The Bricks construct the place in which I self destruct my eyes they see the zombies limp abreast to me structues ascend channelling wind we beg for change in the valley within waste away hanging out coffee acid cigarets and matches stairway cafe were adrift for another day how far we surpass the nameless mass in endeavors so meaningless I look for some kind of meaning all my actions seem so self-defeating waste away hanging out two friends some pens sixty five cents real life brings it to an end how far we surpass the mass in endeavors so meaningless.


authority is wrong authority is right humanity in turmoil in the circular fight outside and far beyond these walls we've built I've learned to see the beauty we've killed I hate you you hate him unfocused hatred seeks a victim outside, I'm looking in, I'm uncertain the world is black the world is white why think one way why see the light (spoken stuf that is lost)

Troublebound (blasters cover)

I'm old enough to know the score I'm yound enough to want more more more there's a demon deep inside of me some times I let the old boy run free don't think twice when the sun goes down I'm troublebound try to make a living during the day deep in the night I throw it all away there's a demon deep inside of me sometimes I let the old boy run free


sometimes I unwind look back to the passing of time sometimes I feel those days become unreal our lives are fashioned by things that come from outside control so indirect we don't even realize someday my instincts will be things I can trust someday too much conditioning could make me self destruct someday I'll fall back on values I've created in time someday I'll have the chance to take back what's mine sometimes I say it's just gonna be that way sometimes I hear my own words come out unclear

Plea For Peace

it wasn't my decision, I was a victim of circumstance it wasn't right, I knew I never had a chance my anger grew so fucking large it almost overcame my independence almost got lost to the violence chain pieces of a machine called education (I was desparate) I plea for peace victim of the cycle of intimidation (I was separate) I plea for peace they'll find you (running hiding) way down inside you and I plea for peace certain jocks sought control instead of escape from pain inside, with stupid violence formed by hate power and strength, but no power in their own lives ignorance with the knowldge they're always right (S.A.G. break)

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