Operation Ivy Lyrics

Here We Go Again

*it's not the ending its the beginning the ground is moist and it rained last night smells like smoke and it smells so clean the sun is shining down like a freindly white light here we go again analyzed the world I was born into but I could never understand knew I never wanted to grow up if that meant being a "man" dominating strict competition is the meaning of our lives stomping on the weak keeps us the winner of the battle in our minds tensions in our lives that are attacking our minds unite themselves together to make our conciousness blind conditioned to self-interest with emotions locked away if that's what they call normal i'd rather be insane relax yourself from giving what you want to do with your life ease up from giving up things like control of yr own mind if you never ask any question then you're never gonna get no answer always be wondering what do you want while you keep getting older faster here we go again another test of manhood just when you thought youd won the more we keep competing the more the battle has just begun


i'm in this prison built for you in this situation I don't know what to do can't make a connection get a reaction there's this wall and I can't get through you're dying some guilt with no words what did I say what did I do youth hostels I lodged kept seeing you as a mirage flashesof you were everywhere hoboken new jersey I'm in this prison built for you in this situation I don't know what to do always something makes me think things dont have to be so wrong you put up walls with nothing spoken in your weakness you're so strong

Yelling In My Ear

never had a reason for the attack it's impulsive and insane when I wanna talk sense to you it's like spitting back at rain I've come to know that when i first saw you I should have ran away I've kicked myself a thousand times but now its too late yelling in my ear you try to control me you look but you don't see yelling in my ear you got a big mouth are you ever gonna get a clue youre loud obnoxious when youre gone I still hear you always spewing shit with you irritating voice I dont wanna listen but I got no choice quit acting like youre nuts, just shut the hell up

Sleep Long

one day I saw a man asleep in a doorway on the street thru walls of sheltered inhibition I perceived his condition dying of hunger and exposure, food and shelter two blocks over within this place we breed and dwell in we've created living hell sleep long sleep well only to awake in hell city sleeps and pigeons flutter vagrant dies in the gutter prideless death somehow befitting to life spent working on forgetting riding on the bus I looked outside and thought about death passing cars the only tribute to his gasping final breath sleep long sleep well only to awake in hell (constant subliminal brain immersion subconcious death wish coercion buy and consume and want and need never fall from the trap of greed) I thought about the bitter pain of jail cells and falling rain i thought ahead and looked away what can you do anyway in sheltered youth and our pretension avert our eyes to divert attention only to see the human victins always there to remind us sleep long sleep well only to awake in hell

Healthy Body

expensive vitamin pills and wheat germ on yr windowsill your schedules hectic and you got no time to kill you're earning money and spending it the right way you're just in such a rush you dont know if its night or day 5:30 get up and you run, run, run then you work eight hours slaving under the gun your little world's based on lies lies lies always rushing but youre never ever satisfied healthy body sick mind youre working overtime healthy body sick mind too hectic too hectic healthy body sick mind its just a matter of time sick body sick mind the money you spend on running shoes could feed me for a week your plans are laid so well you cant even sleep pursuit of happiness got your life locked up under martial law you got everything to lose so you're paranoid about some fatal flaw


why do you have to force yourself with power and control why do you have to live your life playing up a role intimidating people with your wall of sight and sound you and your kind destroy our underground all the happiness you destroy all the brutal tactics that you always employ all the fucking bullshit when will it ever stop the comparison is obvious you're just a fucking cop officer you act like an animal you're out of control officer what the hell is wrong with you wear a tie if you want to wear a uniform join the army if you want to conform tough guy asshole do what you can whatever you destroy we'll create it again

I Got No

when youre dying giving up hope living for smoking dope singing that same old song yeah yeah yeah its always the same I got no - nothing in mind I was trying a new adventure buying that old peer pressure wasting my mind away but I saved it just in time no reason I was going mad I was hating my mom and dad riding a sinking ship thank god I never did slip

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