Operation Ivy Lyrics

Gonna Find You

well i saw this kid get beaten down because he was out of luck in the lottery of acceptance in the school of growing up saw a bunch of convicts doing time inside a cage got locked in factories w/in the school of paid wage (chorus) saw this boy so strung out that his body sweats and shakes from his field education in the school of cheap escapes got told the school of human thinking teaches only truth and one of its educations is gonna find you (chorus) saw a civilization where grabbing onto wealth was the only guarantee of freedom peace and health dollar sign value system upheld as the truth and if you cant find a place its gonna find you (chorus) saw the paranoid response to all of the examples of the ones that dont fit in this way of living geting trampled success is obedience to a structured way of life you cant ignore the structure because were all within its sight

Bad Town

they call it a scene I call it disaster down here the kids grow up faster scared they're scared to the bone like a pack of wolves they don't run alone one on one they won't look you in the eye but when the pack's together there's a battle cry I saw it fifteen on one when the crowd dispersed the kid was done no (no more) no (bad town) no more bad town yeah down there you gotta have a label just like a cattle in a stable knee jerk reaction I call it violence why speak out when you could be silenced down there on the dance floor too much violence I dont want more down there out on the street I can see the air I can see the heat (chorus)


at the party at the bus stop at the bar you're looking at women because your score is under par when you find her it doesn't mean anything you wonder why yourr life is so boring a mind is a terrible thing to waste you would gladly waste it just to save face her desire is your wish with out it you are lost integrity is fragile but you ignored the cost smiling when your freinds are watching you one night stand car keys in hand you've fullfilled your gender's sexual demand are you feeling insecure and empty when you're rushing to report it to your peers!?!?


caution is a word that i cant understand c-a-u-t-i-o-n was a word i could not understand walked the dog with a real short leash turned around saw the dog walk me stainless steel and painted glass give me a pulse like a hammer and a mind to match no relief no food no sleep when you're king for a day you're a whore for a week I didnt get it then I think I got it now caution my freind dont step in the water 'til you know you can swim

Freeze Up

empty factories to the east and all our waste the shape of things that came shows on the broken workers face to the west you'll find our silicon promised lands where machines replace our minds for systematic profit plans the course of human progress staggers like a drunk its steps are quick and heavy and its mind is slow and blunt I look for optimism but I just dont know its seeds are planted in a poison place where nothing grows its 1989 stand up and take a look around weathers bitter tension it seems is sinking down drunk with power and fighting one another every hour shows the winter getting harder theres a freezeup coming one nation stands the tallest radiating blinding light plastic and fluorescent energy robbing us of sight set in our way content with our decay we wave the flag of freedom as we conquer and invade ever ask yrself wheres my place in this hell but no ones there to tell you cuz they dont know that themselves the well rehearsed lines from our elated politicians no longer offer solace we can see the self destruction just one political song to drop into the list that is years and years long

Artificial Life

hes got a song about a love thats gone away sometimes his eyes shed tiny teardrops when he plays his touching ballads are just there sitting to buy they call it music but it seems more like a lie artificial life in the marketplace epic ballads by the musical whores life is so boring project theirs onto yours hear the anthems of the pepsi generation see the martyrs of our spiritual degradation artificial life in the marketplace american culture disneyland freak show screen in your living room a window for your tomb if you cant compare to the world sitting there repress your insecurities watch and escape give me artificial give me superficial give me a commercial life that can't be bought this I say to you what I say is true emotions aren't a product to sell and cannot be consumed *coming attraction its coming real soon prince is having lunch with pat boone want to know where all the bullshit goes it goes down the sewer to be disposed

Room Without A Window

the position being taken is not to be mistaken for attempted education or righteous accusation only a description just an observation of the pitiful condition of our degeneration walls made of opinions thru which we speak and never listen ceiling made of pride vicious and self satisfied door thats made of rage hard and slowly aged always closing tighter with every war that's waged room without a window cant see out... floor is made of lives wed gladly end to stay inside corners made of borders, borders made of law and order painted with the words of politicians and religion plastered with the wreckage of our cultural division room without a window cant see out... Big City concrete and chaos rise up spiderweb across the land like a giant rash forests lie down below foundations of buildings in a bed of ash some people here got it real good cuz the glass towers bring prosperity other people starve in the street because concrete knows no sympathy big city its a wishing well, big city its a living hell this town its fucking insane how one will starve and another will gain like a giant mechanical brain and the people are cells and the streets are veins it thinks only of itself a thousand limbs crawling as it expands and grows and still the concrete sits there sits there stark grey and cold and I think I wanna be a brick layer so I can put another brick in the wall its sanitary rational happy and sane growing like a flower to surround us all


I start it, I end it I kill and words will defend it got big plans blood stained hands wanna see my name on the map on my way to save the world got a brand new set of words the going rate is cheap unconditional devotion unquestioning belief words carved in stone chiseled in with sharpened bones of the ones who thought my righteousness was something to oppose can you see the flag rising up beyond the smoke of dying authors burning books there was a problem with what they wrote the flag is hard to read because all flags start to look the same when covered w/the blood of the faithless and insane man of many names but the motives stay the same my actions are a means to an end my actions are a means to...

Junkies Running Dry

I always looked up on the ones who walked away choosing themselves over preset ways of looking at a future that had no room for the questions they lived for always knew i never could have walked away myself my self worth was beyond any help and i didnt care to test it against the rejection i had seen before but those i loved so much they underwent a change they're working fourty hours they got caught in the game like junkies running dry, the vulnerability they're always there on time we're never satisfied like junkies running dry this wonderful generosity a third of our lives to do what we please doesn't look that great to me in fact it doesnt even look fair they call it youthful idealism and even I would have to agree with them except some of us grow up and its still there I grow up too slow I don't wanna go but now i'm working just like everyone else but ill get out of here

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