Operation Ivy Lyrics


I know that things are getting tougher when you cant get top off from the bottom of the barrel wide open road of my future now... its looking fucking narrow All I know is that I dont know nothing we get told to decide just like as if im not gonna change my mind all I know is that I dont know nothing whatcha gonna do with yourself boy better make up your mind whatcha gonna do with yourself boy you're running out of time this time I got it all figured out all I know is that I dont know nothing... and thats fine

Sound System

(chorus) sound system gonna bring me back up one thing that I can depend on try to describe to the limit of my ability: its there for a second then it's given up what it used to be contained in my music somehow more than just sound, this inspiration coming and twisting things around Because you always know that its gonna have to go. you always know that you'll be back in the cold. point of depatrure sublimated in a song its always coming to give me that hope for just a second then its gone but (chorus) static pulse inside of music bringing us escape its always temporary changing nothing in its wake just a second where were leaving all this shit behind just a second but its leaving just this much in mind: to resist despair that second makes you see to resist despair because you cant change everything to resist despair in this world is what it is to be free (chorus) wake up turn my box on bust the shade let the sun in times getting tougher bout time to start runnin box in my hand music by my side skanking to the rhythm of the music by my side


something breaks inside of you with the spectacle of all the shows with fifteen fights and your six bucks has gone up some promoters nose jaded eyes see clearly but only half of whats there good old days are left behind whats left is boredom and despair but sometimes every once in a while its beautiful I would say, I wouldn't have it any other way if I said different it would be a lie what was once rebellion is now clearly just a social sect but are you just upset because your own social clique has left leave when you want because I know that someday I will too but I wont burn my bridges and be just another jaded fool

Take Warning

stand by your freinds, wrong or right can't call that justice when its just a stupid excuse to fight single out and attack the ones who got no defense you call that a new way of thinking i call it regression to ignorance take warning theres a new generation coming and we really gotta stand up to them nobodys got a thing against you unless youve got something to prove we dont need no set of standards, we dont need a new set of rules heard all that shit before about stomping out any difference we say stand together (not to fight just to exist) take warning intimidation coming and we really gotta say no to them enough is enough is enough why dont you just ease up I saw another beat down last nite take warning who's the next to hit the ground tonite take warning

The Crowd

wrenched into the world, deanaesthetized blurry images fiht their way through halfway opened eyes awakened by alarm fifteen minutes of hygeine twenty minutes of eating thirty seconds to the door I looked outside I looked into the eyes of the impersonal mob I've seen a thousand times before feeling under covers like books on a shelf if we're scared of one another must be scared of ourself more than just another crowd we need a gathering instead drink drink in the badland liquid bread for the poor another member of the crowd goes down to drown at the liquor store choose your escape in the heartland of product and demand when you feel like a wasp in the swarm you gotta get away anyway that you can


down in south oakland off east 14th its raining six a.m. on sunday and the bums are praying met her at a party we were drunk now were sober she said its cold got a long walk home come over shes a bombshell I've retraced my steps a thousand times seems I've spent hours asking all my freinds about her been six months but ill never be the same nobody remembers her name shes a bombshell


theres a war going down between my brothers tonight I dont want no war going down tonight civilization ha I call it as I see it I call it bullshit you know I still cannot believe it our evolution now has gone the way of hate a world evolved resolved in this stupid fate stop this war all so different yeah I say were all the same all caught you know in the division game self destruction fast impending like a bullet no one can stop it once its fired no one can control it stop this war a final word, wait it's not a call to action we aint no sect we aint no fucking faction unity unity youve heard it all before this time its not exclusive we want to stop a war unity as one stand together unity evolutions gonna come

Vulnerability I saw this guy go down wasn't time for fear before his body hit the ground (chorus) our vulnerability is all our insensitivity car that hit him pulled to a stop driver hid the bottles he anticipated cops (chorus) crowd assembled to take a look at death shattered skull fragile body blacktop running red (chorus) people looked bored like expecting more people looked bored like expecting more (chorus) and sympathy is only freindships whore you know and maybe we dont know who we are anymore another spectacle and its respectable to take it lightly like another tv show so desensitized so dehumanized why stop and think when you can find someplace to go were drowning (chorus) and its gonna be the death of us just you wait and see

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