Jeff Ott: vocals and guitar

Aaron Cometbus: drums

Pete: bass and vocals

Paul: bass and vocals

Idon: guitar

<-------- This is a picture of Aaron and Jeff

Crimpshrine was a band that came out of the late 80s punk scene in Berkeley, CA. This is the same scene that fostered Operation Ivy, Dead Kennedys, Green Day, etc. Their music began a new era in the East Bay, one that inspired such bands as Operation Ivy.

Crimpshrine put out an LP called Duct Tape Soup , plus several other releases titled "Sleep, Whats That?" EP, "Quit Talking Claude" EP, "Burning Bridges" EP, "Lame Gig Contest" LP, and songs also appeared on "Caution" Comp, "Lest We Forget" Comp, and the "Turn it Around" Comp. All releases besides Duct Tape Soup were recently compiled onto a CD called The Sound of a New World Being Born .

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