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My Honey Howie!

*~*HoWiE fAcTs*~*
*~*HoWiE gOsSiP*~*
*~*CuTe HoWiE d. PiX*~*
*~*MoRe CuTe HoWiE d. PiX*~*
*~*EvEn MoRe HoWiE d. PiX*~*
*~*HoWiE tIdBiTs*~*
*~*HoWiE wEbSiTeS*~*
*~*BsB wEbSiTeS*~*
*~*MeSsAgE fRoM hOwIe AbOuT hIs SiStEr CaRoLiNe*~*
*~*CaRoLiNe CoChRaN - LuPuS fUnD*~*
*~*SuBbY tO mY bSb NeWsLeTtEr*~*
*~*AbOuT mE*~*
*~*AwArDs I hAvE wOn*~*
*~*BsB wEbRiNgS i BeLoNg To*~*

Hey there Howie D. fans! My name is Kim and I'm one of Howie's biggest fans as well! This page is dedicated to the hottest, most sweetest man alive---Howard Dwaine Dorough! I will try to update this page as much as possible and also add more, so keep coming back to visit! This page was created on May 28, 1999. This page was updated on July 20,1999. PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO SIGN MY DREAMBOOK!!! If you visit, sign! :)Also, vote for my website on the Top 10 Sites, linked below. Thanks!

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