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y u e   n o   k o i b i t o

Name: Demon Fox Kurama
URL: Demon Fox Kurama's World

"Warning: This contains CCS spoilers."
Yue-sama is the true form of Tsukishiro Yukito--hence the identical characters used for "Yue" and "Tsuki". Yue is one of the judges who must test Sakura-chan once she finishes collecting the Clow Cards. His first appearance in the manga is vol. 6. (The others are Eriol (who is really one half of Clow Reed), Spinel Sun and Rubymoon). As his name connotes, Yue-sama is a judge of the moon, and guardian (along w/ Cerebus) of the Clow Cards. You can see the moon stamped along w/ Cerebus on the cover of the Clow Card case/book where he normally sleeps when the cards are not in use. Once Sakura-chan defeats him, he swears his loyalty to her and becomes her protector along w/ Cerebus."
"Rants and Raves: I admit that when I first read/saw CCS I was not a Yukito fan, although I loved his shonen-ai relationship w/ Touya-kun. Therefore when I first found out he was Yue, I was mildly disappointed. This soon evaporated in the two seconds it took for me to fall in love w/ him. As such, even I have become a Yukito fan. There is one complaint I do have about Yue, being, his blase attitude about everything. Yue-sama's favorite thing to do is SLEEP!! It's all he ever does, (while in Yukito's form) and when he does pop-up, he does so with half-asleep-bored-cooler-than-thou (which in some cases is quite true) look on his face. To see him in SD is quite funny b/c he holds this bored look even when disgusted or embarrased. I think that the only time I've seen Yue smile is in vol. 6 of the manga when he's beating the shit out of Sakura-chan (and it's a rather malevolent smile at that) and vol.8/9 when Touya agrees to give him what spiritual power he has in order to prevent him from disappearing. This has got to be my favourite storyline from the manga. So aside from the rare smile, Yue's expressions consist of bored and concerned. I must admit, that I've never seen anyone wear them as well as he though. Yue also has a beautiful sense of style (thanks to the creative license of the ladies at CLAMP), sporting flowing beautiful silk scarves and robes, accented by his incredibly long (and also flowing) silky white/silver hair. He also wears the cutest piece of jewelry on his ear, consisting of an earring-like clip w/ a purple cabachon cut stone in the middle. On top of his ultra-kawaii looks, Yue-san also sports my other favourite anime fetish: WINGS!! These look quite beautiful on him, and add to the soft presence of his lithe body, when he flies. Though he does possess a somewhat blase personality, Touya-kun and Sakura-chan have brought emotions (that I'll bet he didn't even realize he had) to the fore...such as his desire to protect them both. I have yet to see his anime form (short of pictures from magazines) but it is currently present on Japanese tv, and from what I've seen from the pics, does the the manga justice. (I tend to usually prefer manga over anime when it comes to character designs)."
"So there you have it, the glorious, beautiful, and completely sexy Yue!! Has the moon ever looked so good?"