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t u x e d o   k a m e n   n o   k o i b i t o

Name: Chibi Chi Chi
URL: Sailor Chibi's

"Rain or Shine,
I'm happiest,
When I'm with Tuxedo Mask,
He makes me sing, he makes me laugh,
I just love Tuxedo Mask"

"I couldn't have said it better myself. Whether it's the rose, the hat, or those corny speeches, Tux makes me squeal like a 14 year old at a BSB or NSync concert. His cute factor is sky one can be any cuter. Not even those boy bands! His tolerence level is way high..what other man you know is gonna put up w/ both Usagi and Chibi-Usa? NO ONE, that's who. He's always saving the day, like a Knight is shining armor (or in his case, a Moonlight Knight w/ a turban..heehee). And a rose? Who else but the smartest college man would think of using things of beauty as a deadly weapon? Yet again, no one. Whether it's Mamoru or Tuxedo Kamen, he's my man all the way! *le sigh* I love Tuxedo Kamen! *screw you, Usagi....j/k!*"