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t o k a k i   n o   k o i b i t o

Name: Ai-sensei/Shunkaku No Aiyoku
URL: Suboshi no Miko's FY Keeper's List

"Sure Tokaki is an oversexed pervert, but that's what makes him so cool. Even when he's not in his youthful form, he is one of the few characters of FY that still is a bishonen even if he is not young looking. That means that if he's a bishonen in his aged form...that incurs that he's totally rockin' in his youth form. His wit can be topped by no other. He has a way of being sarcastic and sounding serious at the same time. Sure he looks at other woman, but he is really loyal to his dear wife, who takes a lot of his crap. My favourite comment that Tokaki makes is "And I have one more piece of advice....don't lean on the rail, it's rotted" and he says it in such a serious tone as Tamahome falls from the place leaning against the rail. Tokaki had been sooo serious in what he was saying, that that comment contains a tone of juxtaposition. That is an example of his wit. Need to know other reasons...okay, he can teleport and not be noticed until he lands...and use his earrings as weapons (so, Amiboshi can use a flute, why can't Tokaki use earrings??) And knowledge of pressure points...that is always useful, especially when helping someone who is in severe pain."