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Sogetsu Kazama

Sogetsu Kazama no Koibito

- Sogetsu Kazama Marriage Prospects -
by: Iso-chan.
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Out of pure boredom and curiosity, I've decided to make this one day. I know, there are probably OTHER Sogetsu Kazama Marriage Prospects out there, but I couldn't resist! Enjoy!
These prospects will be based on the following:
Special Skills
I WOULD have the usual "Overall" section, but you see, I favor him too much and I'd probably put something like.. "PERFECT!". So in other words, there's no need for an Overall section here. ^_^
Sogetsu Kazama
Name(s): Sogetsu, Sougetsu, "Reitana Oinin" is the moniker which SNK made. He has quite a few nicknames. My personal favorite is 'Sou-chan' (Konru Chise made that one up =). Then there's Soggy, and.. um.. that's it.

Looks: Beautiful? Gorgeous? Stunningly attractive? I simply cannot find the words that describe this Bishonen...
(Specs) Extremely long azure hair that reaches up to his ankles is folded upwards and in a ponytail. His eyes are azure as well. His facial expression is usually cold and austerem reflecting his personality like a cool water's surface.

Personality: You can figure out this Oinin's personality from nearly everything he says and does. Sogetsu is cold, callous, merciless in battle, yet very quiet and tactful -- very much unlike his impulsive and LOUD younger brother, the Nukenin Kazuki, the one he is sent to kill. Juding by his SS4 ending, Sogetsu seems to be loyal to his clan and their laws by carrying out his duties as an Oinin; but the question still remains: Did he ever REALLY kill Kazuki? I really don't think so. For one thing, they're both in SS64 1 and 2 with endings that result in Kazuki remaining alive. Perhaps Sogetsu showed mercy towards his brother and lied to his clan about the Nukenin's death for the sake of Kazuki and Hazuki. Aww.

Smarts: Well, he is no Einstein but he is no Big Moose either. He seems average (and smarter than his brother too).

Special Skills: Besides being a ninja and a professional wielder of a weapon that looks like a Ninpou-Gatana, Sogetsu has the ability to control the element of water. And he does it quite well.

Cooking: I REALLY doubt that he prepares his own meals; he can probably manage something simple to prepare though. When Hazuki was around, he ate her cooking 'cause he loved it.

In-Laws: Unknown family other than his younger brother Kazuki and younger sister Hazuki. (I wonder, if Sogetsu wasn't the oldest, would he have an older brother named "Mogetsu"? ....I'll quit with the jokes).

Competition: None except ME! ^_^

Economics: He is not an Onmitsu, thus, he does not get paid. I don't know what he does for money. Probably nothing...

Sex: The best part, huh? Perverts!! Anyway.. Back in his day, it was NOT uncommon for men to frequent brothels... So I'm sure Soggy's experienced! Heh heh! ...What? You expect him to own: "Sogetsu's Sex Shack"!?

Children: To be frank, Sogetsu is not the father figure many women dream of having for their kids. Maybe it's 'cause there's no one in his life right now.

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