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t s u z u k u   r y u d o   n o   k o i b i t o

Name: SD Ryukage
URL: Shadow Dragon's Nexus

"Tsuzuku Ryudo is the second eldest of the four Ryudo brothers at age 19, and the reincarnation of Chukei (or Gou Shyou), Nankai Kouryu-ou (the Red Dragon of the Southern Sea.) He is the best-looking of the four, and is also the pacifist of the family. The element he controls is fire. The first time he changes into his draconic form is because of Lady L (Patricia Lansdale), who first poisons him, then shoots him. He becomes a fireball before 'going dragon', and burns much of central Tokyo. He has light reddish-brownish-blondish hair (it's hard to tell exactly what color it is) and blue eyes."
"Why do I like him? Well, first of all, his looks. CLAMP always does beautiful manga, but they've outdone themselves with Tsuzuku. And he looks just as good in the pics they _haven't_ done. He's also, IMHO, the only decent-looking character in the anime. Next, his personality in general. He's intelligent, usually calm, and hard to annoy but dangerous when mad. Third, his alter-egos of Chukei and the red fire-dragon. I like dragons. *grins* Finally, he's an extremely interesting character, and some scenes are very amusing. He also gets a lot of the best quotes. *grins*"


"I could untie you, if you tell me I'm beautiful and beg forgiveness."
"I refuse. I never lie."
-- Patricia Lansdale/Lady L and Tsuzuku Ryudo, 'Sohryuden: Legend of the Dragon Kings'

(The helicopter has latched onto the car and is currently carrying it over the water)
(H) "They're taking us toward Tokyo."
(O) "That's where we want to go! Let's let them."
(T) "Aren't you worried? What if they drop us in the bay?"
(O) "Then, I guess we'll swim, right, Amaru?"
(A) "Un."
(T) "What about the car? Are you going to carry it for me?"
(O) "Whose car is it?"
(T) "It's mine."
(O) "Then you can swim with it on your back, just like a turtle."
(T) "How considerate of you."
(After the helicopter unceremoniously drops the car onto the mini-aircraft-carrier-thingy)
(H) "Well, that was pretty rude."
(T) "At least I don't have to swim with the car on my back."
-- Hajime Ryudo, Owaru Ryudo, Tsuzuku Ryudo, and Amaru Ryudo, Sohryuden: Legend of the Dragon Kings