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i n n o v a   n o   k o i b i t o

Name: Korin 'Muchitsugo' Nagisa
URL: None

"Innova's probably not the highest on everyone's like-list, but I like him! That comment probably earned me the wraith of some Ferio and Fuu lovers, but you can't please everyone ^_^ ! I've always liked silver-haired guys and I like the 'villains', so Innova-chan stood out immediately to me. I became one of the few Innova lovers and soon after got the Internet. The rest is history! So this silver-haired bishounen that happens to have another form (Think Kurama-san) that is just as adorable (Hai, I love animals, 'specially animals that most think are scary!) is mine! ^o^ Did I mention he's kawaii? Has a neat fashion taste? And has the coolest attacks? (Lightning!) Too bad he wasn't in the manga... Innova-chan would look so neat in the CLAMP style... Sayonara! <(^_^)> (Looks kinda like him, doesn't it? Now to figure how the jewel goes...)"