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f e r i o   n o   k o i b i t o

Name: Melian Small
URL: None

"I'm not sure what it is about green hair but one look at this guys green locks, amber eyes, and well, impressively large sword (it's as tall as he is!) and I had to make him mine. In fact, I've always been more of an Akira/Ninjascroll kind of girl so how I even ended up liking such a cutesy show as Magic Knight Rayearth will forever remain a mystery. What I can tell you is that this guy is the reason I started watching it. He's funny, chivalrous, a bit manipulative, and even manages to kick some ass (well, as much as one can in a little kids show), not to mention his favorite thing is also a passion of mine: sleeping! I'm sure others out there are not as impressed as I am....he may have a sword as tall as he is but he's rather short when compare to other Clamp characters ....however, I happen to be extremely short myself so it's a perfect match!"