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c o u n t   d   n o   k o i b i t o

Name: Baiko
URL: daidaiiro

"A mysterious bringer of justice... or a cruel manipulator of fate? Count D can be described as many things, but obvious he is not. The pets he sells from his grandfather's pet shop makes one feel like he's meaning to teach his customers a lesson with a demented twist. He sells them without hesistance, only requiring the customer's agreement to sign and obey the contract. Of course these terms are never obeyed, and the customers are led to their deaths. Yet there's another side to this young man, a side that keeps company with something akin to a marshmallow rabbit and has a weakness for sweets. ^_^ D is almost always sweet-humoured, taking the best out of a bad situation. When the going does get bad for his customers, he often will ask them why they didn't obey the sales terms and tell them exactly what their problem was. He may be a cool creature, certainly he has human feelings. And as for looks ^^;; D's certainly not lacking either. His skin is the perfect shade of gothic white, and his hair is so wonderfully black! The most intriguing thing about the way D looks are his odd eyes, one being blue/purple and the other being gold/green. They change colour subtly throughout the anime. There's also the little thing about the way he wears cheongsams and has darkened lips as if they were rouged... but I've said enough haven't I? Count D is a beautiful young man and the perfect koi for me!" Back