F.R. Joslin- Bookseller
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My collecting interests are first edition fiction, 19th and 20th century literature, Beat Generation literature, books on the 60's counterculture, travel and exploration, politics and history, and literature in translation. I am particularly interested in books by and about women: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, essays, memoirs.
At present I am cataloging my collection of 3,000 books and posting them for sale on the Internet. I have 1,700 titles finished and online as of January, 2000. This includes my entire collection of books by & about women. You can browse & search this collection from
open book logo my Advanced Book Exchange homepage.

If you have a special title, author or subject you are interested in, please e-mail me, or write.
As I put more books for sale on the internet, I will place information about them here or on the main page of this site. I have begun adding literary first editions, signed books and uncorrected proofs by men for sale on my ABEbooks web site as well. There are now about 250 Beat Generation literature, 1960's counterculture, antiwar and civil rights titles online at my ABE site.

My suggestions on finding new, used and rare books.

     There are a half-dozen big web sites devoted to buying and selling used or rare books. They have search engines that search the database of the site by keyword, author and title. Then they quote you prices and tell you how to contact the seller. Some sites claim to list over thirteen million titles. I find these search engines useful, but I have discovered often that the items posted are sold when you ask about them- if you can ever reach the poster. Some dealers will never answer your e-mail query, so it is better to call them if you find something you like. If nothing else, searching these sites will give you an idea of the "approximate retail value" of a book. Here are links to some used and rare book web sites:
     Alibris (was Interloc)      Bibliofind      Bibliocity     Advanced Book Exchange      AB: Antiquarian Bookman's Weekly
Other information about used books:  Massachusetts and Rhode Island Antiquarian Booksellers Association and the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America. Reed-Elsevier's R.R. Bowker Co. and Reed Reference has searchable out-of-print book listings, free if you register, at The Books Out-of-Print Web Site. A good directory of used book dealers in the US is AcqWEB.
Finding information on new books: Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble, The Internet Bookshop (UK) and Waterstone's (UK)- all or most have excellent search engines, plus price, availability and reviews. Check them out, then, if you can, buy at your local independent bookstore! (You can buy from Borders occasionally; I have stock in Borders, Inc.)
I recommend two sites for good, quality remainders (publisher's overstocks). Daedalus Books is a fairly small operation in Washington, D.C. I have known the owners for ten years. They are fine people, and consistently stock great literary remainders. Edward Hamilton has a similar operation in Connecticut. Both put out catalogs.
For excellent information on books by women, I recommend the Women's Review of Books, published in Boston, in part by people from Wellesley College.
The University of Wisconsin Library hosts the invaluable Core Lists in Women's Studies. More information about women's studies and literature in libraries is on my Librarianship page.


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