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This page is an auxiliary page of Ray Deonandan.

Click on the following to download and/or play:

ioware9Xdrv.exe - WIN9X driver for Iomega drives
ioware-w32-x86-28.exe - WIN2K driver for Iomega drives - Clip from a Delibes opera
chry.rm - Ray's interview on CHRY radio, in Real Media format
chry.mp3 - Ray's interview with CHRY radio, in MP3 format
cbc.mp3 - Ray's interview on CBC radio (poor quality), in MP3 format
raywat.wpd - Private (encrypted) document
ckln.mp3 - Ray's interview on CKLN radio, in MP3 format
cfrb.mp3 - Ray's interview on CFRB radio, in MP3 format

Thank you for your patience.