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Haggard Family Genealogy Files

For over 35 years, my dad, Clinton R. Haggard, of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, beloved husband of the late Dorothy May Allen (March 28, 2001), and father of David Allen Haggard, and Susan Eleanor Haggard Hayashi, devoted his spare time to researching the Haggard family tree.

Upon his sudden death, April 26th, 1997, at the age of 76, Clinton left behind a legacy of over 40,400 individuals connected to the Haggard family tree.

Haggard Family Files These files contain Clinton's complete Haggard family file, offered in both the PAF and GED formats. Please feel free to download both these files for your personal records*.

You will also find a page of the complete listing of surnames to help narrow your research.

*Regarding PAF and GED - The zipped files available to download are DATA FILES ONLY, and do not include programs. In order to view the files, you must have a computer program that is compatable with PAF or GED formats.

PAF is from the "Personal Ancestral File" - a DOS program distributed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons). GED is from "GEDCOM" - GEnealogical Data COMunication - another standard set by the Mormon Church, and is frequently found in Windows programs such as "Family Tree Maker".

Historical Files - Clinton also left behind 48 files in the RTF format, containing bits of historical information on the families he researched. I have called these the H-Files . Please feel free to download them to read at your leisure.

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Personal Stuff - I regret that I do not have my dad's passion for genealogy, nor the time to continue his research and correspondence. Raising a family of three active boys in the concrete jungle of Tokyo, Japan keeps me pretty busy. Also, in an effort to clear my parent's home of unnecessary clutter, all of Dad's notes and files have been boxed and put into storage, so I do not currently have access to any detail records and correspondence he may have kept.

Although I will not be able to answer specific questions regarding the Haggard genealogy, please feel free to contact me at .

Sincerely, Susan E. H. Hayashi

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Spread the word! Clinton was only recently beginning to explore the possibilities of using the Internet for his genealogical research. Like him, there are many other genealogists out there who are afraid of this new technology. Please share Clint's research data freely with others who are not of the computer generation, or kindly direct other computer-oriented/Internet genealogists, to this web site.

Useful Tools - The following links will provide you with a resource to some programs and tools which you may find useful in your Internet/genealogy search.

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Genealogy Online
Kindred Konnections
Roots Computing
Our World
Add Me
Link Star
Starting Point
USA Online
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Haggard Family Files

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