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Welcome to Short Attention Span Games. This page has recently been reorganized to make everything easier to find. Now that I have more than one game available for download, each game is located on a separate page.

SheepOut 1.4

This is the new, updated version of my first game. The concept is simple: defend the world against flying sheep. Your weapons: a spaceship and a giant ball. Destroy the sheep while avoiding sheep droppings and keeping the ball in play. This page includes a download link, screenshots, and registration information. Due to a computer error, it is now necessary to download the new version before you can register. Thanks for your patience.

SheepOut Christmas 2003

Get ready for some serious holiday sheep blasting in this special holiday edition of SheepOut. It's Christmas Eve, and the world is once again under attack by evil mutant flying sheep. Only you can save Christmas from a fleecy death.

New!! Short Attention Span Products These include stickers, teddy bears, Christmas ornaments, mugs, hats, t-shirts, and more, all with SheepOut or Christmas SheepOut images.

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