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Key Steps to Recovery

Here are some steps you can take to aid in your own recovery: (Note: Scroll to the bottom for some good books!)

1. Look in the mirror every morning and say something good about yourself. Look into your reflection's eyes and say, "I love you." It may sound corny but it WILL help!
Tell Yourself <~A poem for you!

2. Use Functional Analyisis

3. Start slowly. If you aren't eating, try adding something small. Gradually build up until you reach the normal eating zone. If you are bingeing, purging, or cutting, try to cut down on the frequency. If you do it every day, start by skipping ONE DAY. Then you can aim for a week, 2 weeks, etc.

4. Tell your parents!!! I told my parents!*

5. Seek professional help! Some key people you may need to see: a medical doctor; a therapist; a psychiatrist; a nutritionist.

6. Join support groups! Check the newspaper for local groups

7. Make a list off all the negative consequences of your problematic behaviors. Also make a list of all the reasons you want or need to recover. Look at the lists when you are tempted to engage in the problematic behaviors.

8. Make a list of all the things you are thankful for. This included external things as well personal assets. Read the list when you are feeling down.

9. Try using The Twelve Steps to Recovery that have been helpful to so many people trying to overcome addictions

Some Good Books to Read
(Titles with stars* denote possibly triggering books)