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The Wizard Of Nez

"...and then you take your right foot out," Micky explained to Peter on the children's dance floor.

"OK, I've got that," Peter answered letting go of his leg, "but when do you shake it all about?"

"That comes in later. First you have to put your right foot back in again," Micky continued to explain the procedure to his dimwitted yet curious friend. Then, from the auditorium doorway, a smallish silhouette appeared from the school hallway.

"'Ey fellas," his voice rang as the young man caught his breath, "when you're done with the dance lessons, Mike's ready to read the book to the kindergarten."

"Thanks Davy," Micky called. The figure, Davy, nodded and ran back down the hall.

"I wonder what the story's gonna be this week," Peter chimed excited as the two walked toward the auditorium doors.

"I think Mike said it was The Wizard of Oz," Micky replied. "It's a version he actually wrote himself with Davy. I think it's in a script form or something. That's why we had to come with him."

"Oh, you mean we're going to be reading the character's parts? Oh, I hope I'm Dorothy."

"You would."

"No I wouldn't," Peter retorted at the two completed their long exit out the Elementary School's auditorium.


"Gee thanks guys for helping me with my story," Mike whispered to the four as they each took a copy of Mike rendition on the famous fable that warmed their hearts so many years ago in the rain while they were...

"No problem man," Micky answered scanning over his copy.

"Yeah, we love kids," Peter added.

"I'm gonna go in and warm up the kids," Mike announced. "I'll see you all in a few minutes." Everyone politely waved to Mike as he walked into the classroom, guitar in around his shoulder. He was a giddy as a schoolgirl for doing this. He had not realized how much he actually liked children until he saw the movie one day as he was flipping through the television and was inspired to re-write it. The others were all behind him and Davy volunteered to assist him with the writing. Micky and Peter let them be and made themselves sandwiches. Now was the final moment of truth. After the door had closed, Peter and Micky turned to Davy.

"So who are the character's?" Micky asked.

"OK, you're going to be the scarecrow and the wicked witch," Davy explained to Micky.

"Gee man," Micky began sarcastically, " I don't know whether to dance for you or drop a house on you."

Davy sighed and shook his head then turned his attention to Peter. "Now Peter, you'll be the cowardly lion and the wizard."

"Why do I have to be the wizard?" Peter complained. "Mike should be the wizard."

"But he's already the Tinman and the good witch of the North plus he's got to do the Uncle Henry," Davy explained.

"Then what're you?" Micky asked.

"I'm Auntie Em and D-ahemahem..." he answered hiding his last character behind a phlegm-filled throat.

"I didn't get that last part," Micky said. "Could you repeat that?"

"I'm gonna be D-cough~ahem~cough..." Davy said again.

"Gee Davy, that cough sounds awful," Peter commented. "Maybe we should pick up some cough drops on the way home.

"No No No," Davy said. "I'm going to be Dorothy, alright? Mike refused to change the character to a boy so I'll be playing a girl, you happy?"

"I'm happy," Micky answered. He turned to Peter. "Are you?"

"Just peachy," Peter responded with a smile.

"Oh, and you're all the singing munchkins," Davy concluded.

"Well, Gee Davy, wouldn't that be your roll too? I mean you fit the part like a glove," Micky teased.

"Oh shuddup and let's get in there," Davy retorted annoyed. Micky opened the classroom door and proceeded in first followed by Davy and Peter. Peter tapped Davy on the shoulder just before they entered.

"By the way," Peter asked, "who's gonna be the flying monkeys?"

"Oh, we were going to hang Micky from a rope and swing him back and forth..." Davy began.

"Oh, but you were afraid he was going to get hurt," Peter concluded.

"No," Davy amended, "we just couldn't find any rope." Peter nodded at the logic applied and followed Davy into the classroom of awaiting kindergartners.

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