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The Monkees' Halloween Special

Part 1


"Do you realize it's gonna be Halloween in a few days and we haven't been asked to one haunted house gig?" Mike asked the group as they sat around the table playing cards.

"Mike, we've nevah been asked to do a gig in a haunted house on Halloween," Davy replied. "They're always done in July or March."

"There was that weird one last November," Peter commented taking two cards and placing them face down on the table. "Two please."

"What about the Dance-The-Night-Away Dance at the Camelot?" Micky asked dealing Peter two cards face down. "They're supposed to have that costume party and they're looking for groups."

"But the Camelot's not haunted or filled with vampires and werewolves and stuff," Mike chimed.

"But it's named after a scary castle in England," Mick debated dealing himself three cards. "That should count for something."

"What if we not do a gig and just dress up the Pad," Peter suggested. "Y'know, for the kids. It'd be fun."

"Hey, I like it," Davy agreed. "Take 'em through, scare 'em a bit then give 'em candy at the end. We could do it."

"I dunno," Micky hesitated. "I might scare them too much."

"Mick, you're not gonna scare kids, man," Mike said, "they'll scare *you* before you scare them."

"Oh p'shaw," Micky shrugged off. "*No* one can scare me. *I'm* inscaritable."

"Oh c'mon, what do you...Inscaritable is that a word?...what do you mean you can't be scared?" Mike asked. "You've been scared many times before."

"Really? Name one time," Micky challenged.

"How 'bout that time you were face to face with that werewolf," Peter answered fiddling with his cards not even raising his eyes to Micky's.

"Or that big android at the mad scientists lab," Davy added examining his own cards.

"Or that time you were caught by that evil eye thing on the TV and I yelled in you ear," Mike continued the list.

"Alright, OK," Micky said, nodding in agreement. "Now pick the times I *wasn't* acting."

"Oh please Mick, you were scared," Mike said trying to pry his friend out of denial.

"It's OK to say you were scared, It's healthy," Peter assured.

"Hey, even I get scared," Davy added.

"And this is supposed to be you defense or something?" Micky asked.

"C'mon guys," Mike halted. "Let's drop this and go back to our Halloween plans. First I say we..."

"No, no, no, I see where this is going," Micky interrupted taking two blue chips and throwing them into the pot. "You're gonna do a whole 'We're gonna slowly freak Micky out until he embarrassingly gives in and admits he's scared' routine, aren't ya?"

"Mick, you've been watching too many Halloween specials," Davy said. He threw in his two blue chips and then added one red.

"Hey man, I don't have anymore reads," Peter spoke.

"A red's just three blues," Davy replied.

"I thought that was white," Mike commented.

"No, I thought they were three reds," Peter said.

"No, that was three whites for a blue," Davy answered.

"That was only on Sundays after six," Mike responded.

"That was when Queens were wild," Peter stated.

"I thought that was Tuesday," Davy chimed.

The confusing conversation continued and Micky, knowing he had next to nothing, decided to silently fold and collect the pot to clean up the chips. Now the conversation had spread to when cherries were wild and then when rolling two fives made the roller remove his shoes. Micky, being the inventor of all these rules in question, decided to call it a night and inconspicuously head to the upstairs bedroom to sleep. At the sound of the door slam, the conversation stopped and the three put their cards down. Peter and Davy turned eagerly to Mike.

"So," Davy began, "'ow you plannin' on scaring Micky?"

"C'mere," Mike whispered gesturing with his finger for the two to get closer, "here's what I'm gonna do." The two leaned in intently waiting for the plan. Then Mike spoke, "absolutely nothing."

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