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You Have Ventured Into...



My Name is Luicious Urving Contacious Youngerstone III, but you may call me LUCY. I am the Elected Spokesperson for the Land of Cartoons...or The Cartoon Land, which ever is easier to remember. I would like to welcome you to my humble home.We have everything, fresh air, sunshine, Technicolor blue skies, a bunny monarchy, soothsayers, a wicked evil witch; you name it we’ve got it.

You are in for a treat. For you see, a young fellow named Peter Tork--bright young man of means--had created this great land and the adventure that will take place.He is an ingenious man however he has a difficulty in seeing his adventures come to life. That is where I stepped in. And this is where you will continue.

Now I must warn you, there is yet another evil presence lurking in the wings of out story. Her name is "Rebecca!!" and she is otherwise known as "The Author".She has this pleasure in terrorizing our guests and especially the bird. I advise you keep out of her way.

Now you must meet the rest of the characters...



Luicious Urving Contatious Youngerstone III
(but you can call him LUCY)

Drawing by Rebecca!!