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Who Would You Care to Meet First?

The Deer

The Deer--otherwise known as Mike Nesmith--is a strong young buck with a stylish green wool hat and will probably have a terrible back problem from his full head or antlers.


The Bunny

The Bunny--a.k.a. Davy Jones--is the smallish young rugged adventurer with ambitions of getting the girl in the end. He also has a wonderful smile.


The Mole

The Mole--or, our own, beloved Peter Tork--is the ingenious one. It is, however, a shame he should be given the slowest and dullest of the characters though he fills the part quite rightly.


The Bird

The Bird--or, the victum, Micky Dolenz--is the one who, it is safe to say, wants to be doing this the least. He is a poor victim or creative licensing and cannot seem to escape it.


Princess Rachel

Princess Rachel is another victim but this time of the evil witch. Her poor bunny kingdom was kidnapped for slavery but she keeps her head high. Is it not a coincidence that the princess happens to be a bunny just like the ambitious one?


Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball is the wise Soothsayer who joins our group in order to assist in the saving of the kingdom along with giving an occasional Mamba lesson on the side.



Floyd is the Princess's head bodyguard with the brains and muscle of a bodybuilder from the Bronx.


Madam Mysteria McKinnsey and her cat Agitha

Madam Mysteria is indeed a grade A witch with the evil spells, evil dwellings, and evil intensions. Agitha merely remains to taunt the rabbits.


And now that you have met the cast and crew, on to...


Prepare To Enter...

If you find you do not want to venture forth into the Land of Many Colors, you are more than welcome to Return Home. But promise to com back soon.

All drawings and text were composed by Rebecca!!ís hand and may not be used for anything else unless asked very nicely and having a very good reason for using them.

Updated 1-28-00