CHEMLAB: bUrNeD oUt On BaD cUrReNt
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Fuck Art, Let's Kill

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Chemlab is Jared and Dylan. Jared is the lyricist and whatnot, while Dylan is the musical genius behind the beats, samples, etc. Originally, on their debut album, there was a third guy, but he's long-gone and rather irrelevant. I became a Chemlab fan a few years ago. I heard about them on the Internet Relay Chat from a few friends. The first time I heard a Chemlab song was off of the "Industrial Revolution II" compilation; the song was titled "Codeine, Glue, & You." Immediately I knew I had to hear more so I picked up Burn Out At The Hydrogen Bar [their second release] and it immediately became one of my favorite albums of all time. I have a copy of the "Codeine, Glue, & You" video on tape from a Metal Blade Records video called The Twelve Commandments or something like that; it's the tape has a Skrew video on it as well. I also have Magnetic Field Remixes / Ten Ton Pressure which is the album that followed Burn Out At the Hydrogen Bar and contained the original tracks from Ten Ton Pressure, their out-of-print debut EP, as well as some Burn Out.. remixes, and a new track "21st Century" [rough sex demo]. It is possible to order Ten Ton Pressure through Fifth Colvmn Records; something I myself was thinking about doing, but i found it in a used CD store practically next to my dorm. As you may have noticed from the title of this page, "Black Radio (in the Neon Blur)" is one of my favorite songs. The latest release from the duo is East Side Militia, however I have hesitated to purchase it so far because I heard it was dissapointing. The album has really kool anime cover art; simple but effective. On the Fifth Colvmn Records compilation, Fascist Communist Revolutionaries, there is a remix of a new song titled "Exile." It's an excellent track, however it is a remix and not the original ESM version [which I believe is called "Exile On Mainline"]. I am not bashing ESM because I have yet to hear it! Well, if you are a Chemlab fan, all of this is old news to you...not impressed by my page I am sure. Well, perhaps the links below can suit you. If you have no idea who/what Chemlab is, well they're a synthcore [sometimes referred to as Cyberpunk] band. They fuse beats and samples with guitars and filtered lyrics to deliver for us some vicious brain-washing material. For more in-depth info about the band, please check out the links below. This page mainly serves as a source of basic information about the band and to direct you to more significant sources of pictures, information, etc. There are not a whole lot of Chemlab pages, so as I find more links, I will add them. If you want to know more about me, which I doubt, there is a link below to my main page. I've also done pages about KMFDM, Acumen, Laibach, Cyberaktif, and more. Take it easy...

:UPDATE: Ok, from what I hear, Chemlab has broken up. Derailer informed me that Dylan is drumming for KMFDM or something and Chemlab is pretty non-existant right now. Only flaw I can confirm is that I read in a KMFDM interview that Chemlab's drummer [name escapes me] is drumming for KMFDM on tour, not Dylan. So, go figure, I'll keep hunting down info. If you have any solid info, please let me know. Thanks...


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