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Disclaimer: Never been mine, isn ít mine, never will be mine.

Vaguely based on LUW.

Look At You



When I look at you, I see myself:
What I want to be, what I should be.
But I canít change what I am,
What I was meant to be.
I look at you, and your face seems
To be a mockery of what I lost:
All the characteristics that make one
Trust and love you.
Theyíd die for you, you know,
If you asked them to.
Iíd die for you.

I look at you, and feelings swell to
Proportions that make me fear my
Lack of self-control.
All that matters is that Iím with you,
Can kiss you, be inside you ó
But upset is never far away, thereís
Still too many obstacles between us
That we canít shift.
When yet another shows its face, I
Wonder if weíll survive it this time.
I canít change what I am, but you
Want me to, and I donít know how.

When I look at you, I want to cry
And laugh at the same time.


Cathedral Graphics - by Winter