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        Hello and Welcome!

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        Do you believe in Angels?

        As you can tell by this page I truly believe in Angels.

        There are angels all around us, everyday of our lives. There are several different types of angels: Archangels, Guardian Angels, Peaceful Angels, Sorrowful Angels, Good Angels and yes, even Bad Angels.

        Have you ever come "close" to having a car accident? Who guided you to react just in the nick of time to prevent you from having that accident? Could it have been your Guardian Angel?

        Chances are it was!

        Have you ever suffered the loss of a loved one, and then in a quiet time of reflection felt comforted? Could it have been your Peaceful Angel?

        Chances are it was!

        Have you ever felt sad and lonely and thought no one cared about you? Who got you through that lonely time? Could it have been your Sorrowful Angel?

        Chances are it was!

        Have you ever felt that you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, that all is lost and there is no possible way to overcome the challenge at hand. Then suddenly everything works out okay or for the best? Could it have been your Archangel going into battle for you?

        Chances are it was!

        Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed your visit and will return again soon!

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        Brett Stephen

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