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Anne Rice FAQ


** Who is this Lestat guy and what's the big deal about him?

** How do you pronounce Lestat's name?

** You said that many of the characters wanted to sleep with Lestat, does this mean that vampires have sex?

** But didn't Marius and Pandora... you know?

** But-but Marius and Armand...?

** But Vittorio and -

** Alright then, how do they accomplish that? For Heaven's sake Marius was putting his -

** How do they hide that?

** Certainly puts the question of female vampires and body hair into perspective, doesn't it?

** Speaking of which - what about female vampires and body hair?

** Are all of Anne's vampires gay?

** Is Marius a pedophile/how old is Armand when Marius saves him from the brothel?

** Didn't Armand die at the end of MtD?

** What vampires did die in MtD, then?

** At the end of MtD Lestat seems reasonably OK, in Pandora he's comatose on a chapel floor. Did I miss something?

** Wait a minute! I'm in the middle of QotD and it just mentioned Santino! Didn't Louis chop him up into little pieces the size of Smith Brothers' Cough Lozenges in Interview?

** I think I just found another major continuity error. In IWTV, Louis says that the last time he saw Lestat was in the spring before his interview. But in TVL Lestat says he was underground at that time. Is Lestat lying through his fanged teeth?

** Along the same lines, aren't the facts in Pandora a bit confused?

** Speaking of canon, what about that Playboy story with Armand - is Daniel his first child or isn't he?

** What the heck was up with that vampire that Louis and Claudia found in Eastern Europe?

** What's this I hear about Anne saying Lestat has left her?

** Um, I made it all the way through Memnoch the Devil and I don't get the part where Maharet hands Lestat the note. What's the punchline?

** When is the next VampChron book coming out?