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Autumn In The Woods

Welcome to the Autumn In The Woods homepage. We consisted of James Smith on Bass/Back-Up Vocals, Klint Ladd on Vocals/Guitar, and Kris Rose on Drums/Vocals. We used to be in a punk band named Dark Jagged Blue, but that ended so we started this back up, then we separated and now we have reformed. Actually James and Kris had started the band originally as a side project, but it never took off. Then they brought Klint along and revived the name. Then we ran into pratice space problems and had to call it quits for a while, then got back together and broke up later. We were emo influenced rock. I'm fine with the term emo, I just don't think we were 100% emo. We played one show which wasn't all that great. I don't know what will happen with us in the future. All Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

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