Teen Pregnancy

Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy is a big issue facing our country. We have the highest rates among all developed countries of the world. Hopefully in looking at this page you wll learn from the information and experiences of the young people highlighted in our testimonials. For more information concerning teen pregnacy or pregnancy in genral please take a look at these sites Planned Parenthood & Teen Pregnancy.Com.

Just the Facts !

The reasons most often given by teens for choosing to have an abortion are being concerned about how having a baby would change their lives, feeling that they are not mature enough to have a child,and having fincial problems.

A sexually active teen who does not use contraceptives has a 90% chance of becoming pregnat within one year.

78% of teen pregnacies are unplanned, accounting for 1/4 of all accidental pregnancies every year.

13% of all US births are to teen.

6 in every 10 teen pregnancies occur among 18-19 year olds.

Teen pregnancy rates are much higher in the US than in other developed countries-twice as much high in England or Canada and 9 times as high in the Netherlands or Japan.

1/4 of teenage mothers have a second chile within 2 years of their first child.

7 in 10 teen mothers complete high school, but they are less likely then women who delay chilbearing to go on to college.

Nearly 4 in 10 pregnacies (excluding those ending in miscarriages) are terminated by abortion.

Pregnacy rates are highest for those who are African American, Hispanic and Native American.

Rhode Island has a teen pregnancy rate of 87.7%,the second highest pecentile in the US, highest in New England.

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