Did you know? 50% of all new HIV infections occur in youth under the age of 24 and 90% of all these new infections occur in heterosexual people. The only way to stop the spread of HIV is to eliminate ignorance surrounding HIV with education.

Human-only humans get this particular virus.
   Immunodeficiency-breaks down the immune system so that it does not properly function.
      Virus- because that's how it is transmitted.

Acquired-because you have to do specific things to get it.
   Immune-it affects the immune system.
      Deficiency-it kills the immune system.
         Syndrome-a collection of things that lead to death: being HIV positive, having a weakened immune system, or opportunistic infections (such as cancer or the flu).

4 Fluids that Transmit HIV


Activities that Put You at Risk

  • Vaginal Fluids
  • Semen
  • Blood
  • Breast Milk


If you get any of these fluids in your bloodstream through any of these activities you are AT RISK for HIV and should be tested!


  • Mother 2 Child
  • Blood 2 Blood
  • Sharing Needles
  • Unprotected Sex


                       There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when              

                       wanting to get tested for HIV.  First, you must wait 3-6 months

T                    after the possible time of infection to get the test because that is

  E                  when the HIV antibody will show up.  Second, there are two types

   S                 of tests; anonymous and confidential.  Anonymous means that when

     T               you want to get your test, you are given an identification number, no

       I              personal info is taken down and nothing is written in your medical file.

       N           Confidential means that your name is taken down and your test is

         G         recorded in your medical file, however that information should only

                      be available to medical professionals.