I am Amy Heffernan and I used to be the coordinator of Teen 2 Teen. I left the positionin order to go back to school to bacome a health teacher. The reason I got involved with Teen 2 Teen was becauseI believe that young people should have information about their health and be able to talk about concerns they have about the things they experience. To me, the most interesting thing about HIV is that it is so affected by racism, sexism, homophobia and classism. I believe that in order to fight HIV, we must fight injustice.

My name is Somphone Sayasit and I am a student attending Rhode Island College. I'm involved with the Teen 2 Teen Outreach program because young people really need to be educated about HIV/STDs. I feel like there isnt enough information for teens to get a hold of so I continue to educate myself, friends, family, and the community. To find out more info on what we do or more about me, email me at

Hey, I'm Lisa Menard. Yay! I am involved in Teen 2 Teen because it is so important to prevent HIV, STDs, teen pregnancy, violence, and drug abuse. When I'm not here, I am in the gay/straight alliance or diversity committee, reading, listening to music, doing anything art, and just being *ME*! If you wasnt to talk to me, my email is I am moving away soon, but you can still talk to me.

Hello, my name is Eniola Akinde, which means "a child of joy" in Yoruba, but my friends love to call me Enny. I'm from Nigeria, Africa and my native language is Yoruba (Yo-Ru-Ba). I'm planning on beginning my physical therapy studies this year in college. Teen 2 Teen is a very involving program to learn about. Teens these days need to learn about AIDS, HIV, and teen pregnancy because sex is not all about fun, but responsibilties too. You can email me at to know more about me and we can be friends too.

My name is Leslie Tavares. I am seventeen and a senior in high school. I am also a peer educator. I was born in Providence, RI. My mother and father were both born in the Cape Verde Islands which are located off the west coast of Africa. I am planning on going to college to study criminology or forensic science. I hope to continue to help bring awareness on STDs and HIV.

Hey, my name is Dawn Danella. I am 18 years old and live in Johnston, RI. Right now I'm taking a semester off but next fall I hope to be going to Rhode Island College, studying social work. Teen 2 Teen is just one of the community service groups I'm involved in. I am also in Inner Circle, an HIV advocacy group, the Street Health Iniative aka Street Outreach, which is a group that goes out on the streets passing out condoms and other safer sex materials, as well as the NCCJs (National Conference for Community and Justice) Youth Council which deals with diversity and leadership issues. I love the work I do, especially here at Teen 2 Teen and hope to continue doing it.