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Chapter 2~In Evil's Eyes

They will pay. They will all pay.
On an island in the south an evil mind goes to wok to plan his revenge.
They will pay an when they do I will gain control of the universe.
A powerful evil was about to be released on the world.

"After all these years it will finnaly come. They will pay and my revenge will be sweet. After all these years, traped in this underground ship, I will finnaly be free to spread my evil upon the universe." Evil laughter rang throughout the ship. A small figure stood in the center of a large room. He was the only prerson in the room, yet he continued to talk as if someone were listening.

"Power is sweet. Only a few more days. Yes. Soon. Very soon. I will destroy this world and take my revenge on those who caused this. Yes. They will pay. Every last one of them. They will all pay." His father had died trying to do the same thing he was, but he was sure he could pull it off. All he needed was a little more power. Then he could awake his sleeping monster.

He had waited years for this chance. He had managed to stay alive through the attacks of the cyborgs by hideing in his ship, which was burried underground. Soon after he learned of the cyborgs destruction, he also learned that he was traped in the ship. The island was used as a battle ground and the moutain that contained the entrence to his ship was destroyed.

"All I need to do is keep control of Buu. He is almost at full power yet he is already stronger then that human that killed the cyborgs. He is the only one that might porve a threat. I doubt that he will be able to destroy Buu, but he might delay my plans even further. He will be the first one that Buu will kill. I need to get him out of the way as soon as possable. Soon i will wake Buu. Yes soon. Then I will rule the universe!!! No one will be able to stop me!!" Evil laughter rang through out the ship once more. This time it was evil enough to make blood run cold.

The Greatest threat to the planet was about to be be realesed. The only person who knew about this evil was the person who controled it. The planet hadn't finished rebuilding from the destruction the cyborgs caused, and now it was happening again. This time death was closer then it had ever been, yet it had gone unnoticed for so many years.