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The Rules
I am sorry, but experience has shown me that it is necessary to clearly outline what is and is not acceptable, just to avoid misunderstandings. 

You must be female, obviously!

Your site must be in Angelfire.  Please do not put the ring code and graphics on a Geocities, Tripod or other host.

No porn please.  You don't have to have everything "family friendly" but please respect Angelfire's own guidelines.

Please put the code and graphics on your site by a couple of weeks at least.  If you have problems, email me.  I'll try to help if I can.
Please make sure that you sign-up with the actual url of the page you intend to put the code on.

(This is not a rule, just a suggestion.)  Use the ring to get to know other women in Angelfire.  Sign their guestbook, say hello and introduce yourself.  You might make a good friend and will help to make Angelfire a nicer place to put your site.

That's all!