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American International Products (AIP, Inc.) is an international trading company that services small to large sized businesses the opportunities of worldwide sales and marketing. We offer a wide range of products from countries through out the world. We have proven sources for all commodities. We have staff members who are also fluent in Arabic, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

We provide professional services and guarantee:

* Quality Products
* Prompt price quotations
* Accurate and complete documentation and
* Clear and frequent communications with our customers.


1. Gum Arabic 2. Saffron
3. Gypsum 4. Medical Supplies
5. Household products 6. Per your order

Please contact us at the address below.
Phone: 1(702) 993-4346 / Fax: 1(702) 993-4346

You are welcome to fax, email, or call us with your inquiries. There is no obligation, and we will respond promptly. Thank you.

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