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What is Adoptagnome?

Adoptagnome stands for "adopt a gnome". We just wanted to make a fun site where you can adopt a little creature and put it on your website.

What do I have to do?

Just download the picture and put it on your website! We do NOT want you to modify the picture in any way though. There's only one thing we ask of you in return for your adoption. The only thing you have to do is link the image back to this page("")
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IMPORTANT Do NOT put a link of the creature's picture on your site! Right-click on the picture ans choose 'Save picture as' to download it.

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Race: Flingurt
Race: Ograff
Race: Ilbragh
Race: Wekkho
Race: Horbix
Race: Excabar
Race: Cyclopedia
Race: Cyclopedia
Race: Ilbragh
Race: Xro
Race: Bono

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Mail Us
Click on the image below to send us your questions,comments or just a simple 'Hello'!
We also give awards to other adoption sites. If you want have an award for you adoption site(a site similiar to this one, not a site with adopted creatures), mail us your homepage url.

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Adoption sites:

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