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The Workers,servants of God, ministry without a home etc.

Imagine that 2 dressed up ladies or gentleman arrive at your door. It will either be one pair of "brothers" or one pair of "sister" workers. They may give you a simple business card stating that some meetings will be held in a town hall. They don't take a denominational name. They don't take any titles. They aren't into religious discussion. Their quiet mannerism may appeal to you or turn you off depending upon your own personality. Most members of this fellowship were born into professing homes. But occasionally, someone on the "outside" will hear the workers preach and then profess! Workers use the word "profess" instead of joining their church. They feel they alone are the elect people of God and that all other religions are false.

The Work-The homeless ministry in the truth church that controls much of the spiritual affairs of the friends(members of the Truth who financially support the workers). Workers leave homes, friends and family members behind using Matthew 10 as a guide. Workers spend one or two nights in a professing home and then move on to another professing home. Workers are low profile preachers that don't get much publicity. Many friends believe you cannot be saved unless you profess (stand up when a worker gives out a hymn and tests the meeting) through a worker. Many friends speak of the wonderful day when 2 of "God's servants" brought the truth their way.

Going out into the work-There is no offical policy about how young professing people can "go out into the work". Workers prefer a younger single person who is mature and serious about the "harvest field" as they refer to it. Often someone will mention to a head worker or lead worker in their field and they will have a talk with the person and explain more about it. Some people have been turned down for the work by a head worker.
(HISTORY from IRELAND)The work began in 1897 when William Irvine broke from the Faith Mission founded by former Presbyterian preacher John Govan and formed his own disciples or workers. The workers were to follow Matthew 10 giving up all prospects of a home, family and economic security. Many of the first workers actually sold all of their possessions and agreed to preach anywhere that they were told to preach. Today most workers go out into the work while at home before they accumulate many possessions. Some early friends in the British Isles circa 1900 sold property and personal possessions so the first workers could spread "The Truth" to North America, Australia and South Africa. They were to live in the homes of people that would profess. Many early workers faced persecution, hunger, physical exhaustion from walking long distances, rejection, and few "open doors' in various communities to preach the gospel. Today's workers are well cared for by the friends as more older friends leave money for the work. And as professing people are wealthier today, workers have more luxuries that they would have lacked 100 years ago.

Founder William Irvine was ex-communicated (1914) and some workers began pushing the notion that the work was a continuation of the New Testament ministry began by Jesus of Nazereth in the New Testament.George Walker and Jack Carroll were the first 2 regional overseers in America.

(USA)George Walker landed in America in 1903 along with Irvine Weir and William Irvine both of whom were forced out of the work by other overseers. John Hardie,Sandy Alexander,Sam Jones and Adam Hutchinson brought the Truth to Australia around 1902.Jack Jackson brought the truth to South America. Wilson Reid and Joe Kerr (Kerr originated the belief that the 'Truth was the only right way and other churches were wrong' idea) were among the first workers in Africa. James Jardine pioneered the work in Central Europe. Hymn writer Sandy Scott pioneered the work in Italy before 1920. Many early workers in America would have gospel meetings daily in a school house or tent.

Many professed from 1903 until say 1920 when numbers began to level off and the ministry lost some of its evangelical fervor of the past. Scores of workers left the British Isles for the English speaking lands often funded by professing people willing to sell everything to support the worker's ministry. The work is more secretive and low profile today than in the past. Workers have a more difficult time getting outsiders to attend gospel meetings in rented buildings than in the past.

VIEWING THE WORKERS-On the street, brother workers usually look like businessmen dressed in dress pants, tie and dress shoes. Brother workers may carry a suitecase and black bible case. Workers usually drive one of the friend's cars. They travel in groups of 2. They do not own a home and live in the homes of professing people. Most professing homes have a bedroom for the workers to spend the night there while at the home. It is rare in North America for the workers to rent an apartment unlike Europe where this practice is more common.

The workers may rent a public building (bank, library, hotel meeting room, senior citezin, woman's club, Masonic Lodge, school, city hall meeting room etc.) in town to have gospel meetings or in the rural areas gospel meetings may be held in homes. Workers use gospel meetings as a way to reach out to unprofessing people in the world. Sometimes workers publish notices in the town newspaper announcing dates and times of gospel meetings and some of them will pass around invitational cards to homes stating dates, time of meetings and some statement about the quietness and simplicity of the gospel meetings.

Workers lead the Sunday morning and Wednesday night bible studies in homes. When workers aren't in the meeting, an elder/bishop will lead the meeting.

Many workers feel a call to go into the work. Many former friends of the truth feel that their parents tried to "groom them for the work". Workers often speak about the "struggle" when they were considering the harvest field in the beginning. The work is also referred to as the "harvest field" and workers are also called "servants of God". The work is seen by professing people as the highest calling a young person can have and the only true form of New Testament ministry.

MONEY-Money must be given to the workers in secret. Workers do not accept money from outsiders/unprofessing people (people that do not take part in the fellowship meetings). Some will not accept money from divorcees or professing people with TVs in their homes. Workers often criticize the use of open collections during gospel meetings. Money may be sent to the workers in secret by sending money in an envelope. Other friends send the workers money by putting their name on an envelope in the worker's bedroom or slipping money to them in an envelope before or after a gospel meeting. Money given to the workers has be cash and in secret. Today, some head workers may have one of the friends to open a bank account should someone will their estate to the workers.Some workers do have bank accounts in the friend's names-mostly used for overseas trips (convention or special meeting rounds) or construction projects at the 500 plus conventions across the earth.

Workers like to contrast their "truth" with the worldly religions(other churches other than "the Truth") because workers do not pass around collection plates to the friends! Workers preach against a "paid" clergy. Workers feel Jesus asked the disciples to preach freely. Most of the money is given to the overseer to be used at his discretion. Early workers would preach against worldly preachers that owned a home and had a family instead of living "by faith". Eldon Knudson, Willis Propp and Charles Steffen have incorporated "the truth" in their areas. The work is seen as a full time job and workers don't earn money from any side occupations. Workers do not draw any retirement benefits and pay no social security taxes. Workers cannot perform marriages.

Workers do not special titles such as pastor, minister, reverend (workers are very critical of this term), brother, pope, priest or any religious term. Workers are known to the friends by their first name. Workers do not attend religious seminaries and are trained by their older companion and head worker. While more workers attend college today before entering the work, few if any have religious degrees and if so, they obtained the degree before professing.

The friends usually have an extra bedroom for the workers to spend the night (often a guest bedroom or children's room when workers aren't spending the night there). Workers often read, pray, meditate, write letters or answer the phone from their bedrooms. Sometimes workers spend money renting an apartment or house in a town where there are no professing people.Workers seldom "batch" today in North America but often rent apartments in Third World countries where there are no professing homes.

Workers maintain an address at one of the "friend's homes".Each year or two, an address list of the friends in a state or province will be given to each worker. A list of homes will be listed under the names of each field listing names, addresses and phone numbers of the friends in that field. Some workers move to a different field each year while others remain several years in the same field. Some workers have remained on some states or provinces as many as 20 years. Head workers or overseers move less frequently than younger workers. Workers married during the early years of "The truth" but today's workers are discouraged from marrying in most places.As a result, many workers leave the work and get married!

Worker lifestyle-Workers spend one or two nights in a professing home and then move on to another home in their field. Workers in US don't vote and don't get involved in civic affairs. Aussie workers have to vote due to mandatory voting. Use of time-Workers spend their time writing letters, inviting unprofessing people to gospel meetings, attending funerals, visiting with the friends in the home, reading/praying, visiting hospitals and nursing homes, attending conventions/special meetings, preps on the convention grounds a month or so before the conventions, doing chores in the home, and attending the worker meetings mentioned above. Workers are given home visits but they must be approved by the head worker (s).
Worker Meetings- There are 2 types of worker meetings. Some are large and attended by most workers in a region. These worker meetings are conducted like any other special meeting. A famous worker meeting occured at the Klaty farm in Carsonville MI in 1992. Workers rarely circulate notes about worker meetings to the friends. Many worker meetings are held in secret and professing "friends" aren't allowed to attend worker meetings.

Secret worker meetings held by high ranking workers deal with issues such as staff assignments, trouble in a little Sunday morning meeting, strife between companions, convention improvement projects, overseas travels and visits for special meeting and convention rounds or major issues. Younger workers aren't invited to this type of worker meetings.

Preps-Each year about one month or more before a convention, all of the workers in a state or province (or country in Europe) will gather together at the convention site. Gospel meetings cease, visits to the friend's homes cease, and workers rarely leave the convention grounds except funerals or Sunday morning/Wednesday night bible studies. Workers clean the shed, put up the tent (if applicable), put up their chairs, and other work needed to get the convention grounds ready for another convention. Professing people will often help the workers during preps donating labor or equipment if a building project is taking place on the grounds. Once convention is over, workers return to existing field or a new field/state and begin a new year . Gospel meetings and visits to the friend's homes take place again!

Special meeting visits- About twice annually (sometimes once in the spring and once in the fall) workers will leave their fields and travel to other parts of the state and country for special meeting visits. Unlike preps, where workers spend time at convention grounds instead of homes, workers will be given a list of homes to visit in the area they are visiting. Folks living in divided homes and unable to have privileges of worker visits will be assigned a home to visit with the workers/eat a meal. Workers will visit the professing homes before each scheduled Sunday or Wednesday meetings held in basements,living rooms, public buildings or occasionally on convention ground facilities. Once the special meetings are over, the workers will go to the next area until the visits and meetings have expired and then return to their fields to open new missions.

POWER-The friends allow the workers to exert power over them in a number of ways. Workers assign homes for meetings and elders to lead the meetings. Workers assign homes for the friends to meet at during the Sunday morning meeting and the Wednesday evening bible study. Workers usually decide which chapter or set of topics that the friends will study each Wednesday night although elders (married men that lead meetings when workers aren't present) have made this decision if workers are away on convention visits or preps.

Workers set the conditions for people to profess and remain professing. For example workers decide if a home is worthy to have a meeting. Workers make decisions to kick people out of the truth should they violate a rule concerning entertainment (television), marriage(marriage to people outside the truth or divorced people), or association with Christians of another denomination.

Workers spend some time in the friends' homes through out the year in their geographic territory called a "field". It is the workers(clergy) that test a meeting by having the outsider stand to his or her feet while a hymn is sung. Workers decide conditions for baptism which many feel is a point in time when worldly things and people no longer interest you anymore and you immerse yourself totally in the ways of the workers and friends. Workers stress that friend's obey them for the sake of unity and submission.

Some friends feel that one should obey a "servant of God" especially when he or she speaks in meeting. Some felt that when a "true servant" of God "speaks from the platform", God is doing the speaking and the worker is just a mouth piece. Some friends feel workers are infallible while others think that maybe a majority of workers are infallible (especially senior workers and head workers). Some friends stress that one must obey the workers and submit to their authority over their lives.

Head workers or overseers: The top of the power structure is a regional head worker in a large country like US or Canada or the national head worker in a small country such as a European country. During the first half century after workers arrived in America, Jack Carroll and George Walker shared responsibility over North America.

The head worker or overseer(see the list below) often make rules for the friends in their area. The overseer usually addresses the convention crowd the first day of convention discussing convention rules. Head workers have the power to remove workers from the work. And a lead worker in a field would consult the head worker about problems he or she might confront such as strife in a meeting. All head workers are male.

If you examine most worker lists published annually of any region you will notice that 2 workers of the same sex will spend the year together in a certain field. The name at the top of the list is the lead worker of the field. Lead worker usually is the first worker to preach at the local gospel meetings held weekly to convert outsiders. A younger worker must become a lead worker in a field before he has any chance to become head worker.Senior workers and head workers guard information about worker meetings and the inner workings of "the work" from certain friends, ex-friends and unprofessing people. Workers in recent years have been more willing to discuss more about the truth to media though some still fear information about the "truth" getting into wrong hands.

Sister workers-Unlike other religions 100 years ago, women preachers called "sister workers" spread "the Truth" to many places along with the brother workers. Sister workers would travel with another sister worker spreading the Truth across the earth. Sister workers maintained the dress of professing women-dresses, hair on their head in a bun shape and black stockings although sister workers now wear light colored stockings. Today there are more sister workers than brother workers on the earth.

Sister workers rarely preach funerals, cannot sit on the convention platform and usually sit together on the right side of the platform in conventions in North America. Sister workers do lead Sunday morning or Wednesday night meetings in a home unless a brother worker is present. Professing people are to obey sister workers as well as brother workers. Sister workers cannot be a main speaker at a convention though some of them lead the singing at conventions. Mae Carroll, Elizabeth Jamieson, Dora Thomas, Inez London, and Ida Hawkins were a few of the earliest pioneering sister workers. Many friends in the "Truth" have professed through sister workers. Some people oppose women preachers and sister workers have been persecuted in parts of rural America in the past.

OVERSEERS IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Washington-Mark Huddle, Oregon-Harold Bennett, California- Richard Middleton, Nevada-Richard Middleton, Utah-Leslie White, Arizona-Ed Alexander, New Mexico-Jim Price, Texas-Ira Hobbs, Oklahoma-George Peterson, Kansas-Ron Thomke, Nebraska-Stanley Morrison, North Dakota-Gilbert Ricter, S. Dakota-Joe Hobbs, Minnesota-Lyle Schober, Wisconsin-Charles Thain, Michigan-Jerome Frandle, Illinois-Barry Barkley, Iowa-Jeff Thayer, Missouri-Kenneth Lerwick, Arkansas-Kenneth Lerwick, Colorado-Leslie White, Montana-Dean Bruer, Idaho-Mark Huddle, Wyoming-Dean Bruer, Indiana-Jim Holt, New England-Charles Steffen, Virginia and Maryland-Sam McCracken, Kentucky-Glenn Gasser, Tennessee-Dennis Kinnan, South Carolina-Clinton Goff, Georgia-Robert Flippo, Florida-Ray Hoffman, Alabama-George Lee, Mississippi-George Lee, Ohio and West Virginia-Irving Ross, North Carolina-Taylor Wood
CANADA OVERSEERS: British Columbia-Walter Burkinshaw, Alberta-Willis Propp (Merlin Affleck is assuming more control there), Saskatchewan-Dale Shultz, Manitoba-Alton Mose, Ontario-Carson Wallace and Wayne Hutchinson, Maritime provinces-William Bryant, Nova Scotia-James Abbott; Leslie Beddoe
OVERSEERS IN OTHER COUNTRIES: Ireland-Tommy Gamble Tasmania-John Robinson, Victoria, Ray Corbett, Western Australia- Bill Macourt, Scotland- Bob Kerr (after Frank Simpson passed away), Sweden-Eldon Knudson, Norway-Lars Lund, Piet Blokker-Holland, Graham Snow-Italy, France-Peter Liddle, England-Ben Crompton and Dennis Fenton, Spain-John Gunn, Switzerland-Willy Geiser, Germany-Werner Leonhardt,and New Zealand-Nathan McCarthy ...

Caribbean: English speaking Islands-Donald Phillips Dutch speaking Islands-Ludwig Trieling Spanish speaking- French speaking Islands-Glenn Richards

South America: Argentina-Duane Hopkins, Bolivia-Don Campbell, Brazil-Carl Miles and Elpidio Arruda, Uruguay-Carl Miles, Peru-Don Reynolds, Ecuador-Leroy Lerwick, Colombia-Munro MacAngus, Paraguay-Jose Araneda and Venezuela-Ted Rozema


The truth has some cliches and lingo that you wouldn't hear in an organized denominational church. Workers often use some of the following lingo in their meeting sermons: Truth, meetings, the work, preps, open homes, standing true, professing, taking part, testimonies, Wednesday night meeting, union meetings, meeting in the home, only way, if inside is right outside will be right, outsiders, testing a meeting, faith that don't question, platform, bread and wine, special meetings, worker visits, worker talks, overseers, head workers, brother workers, sister worker, the world, false prophets, the religious world, little lights, worldlings, professing and possessing, meeting in the home and the ministry without a home, sheep, lost out, wholehearted, unwilling, high standard of truth, bread, this way, gospel meetings, separated people, saints, people of God, the Lord's people, unprofessing, head workers, workers meetings, way within the way, taking your own way, human nature, human reasoning, thy servants, our friends, the gospel, losing out, God's chosen people, worker lists, batching, batches, different from the world, sacrifice, self denial, useful in the kingdom, the kingdom minded, light, kingdom, true way, making your choice, giving all, our best, examples, living testimonies, pillars, the struggle, lost eternity, the enemy of our souls, center of God's way, way is perfect and the people are not, God's sent ones, the elect, God's chosen people, wall of seperation, borderline saints, true way, God's sent ones, fields, missions, gems etc.

Workers today have set foot on most nations other than some Arab nations in the Middle East Yet in many parts of US and Canada there are towns that the workers have never preached there as of 2003.Many friends feel like the workers are led to certain cities and are called to preach unlike worldly preachers in other denominations. Sometimes you hear that a "seeking soul will find a seeking Saviour". Thus God leads "outsiders" or nonmembers to "His servants" or the workers.
LIST OF DECEASED WORKERS 2000-2002 Rowland Jackson Alberta 6 Jan 2000 (age 80) Clifton Wills NZ 18 Jan 2000 (age 84) Florence Cobb SD, Wash Apr 2000 Rose Mooney Oregon 25 June 2000 (age93) Henry Burchill Brazil 7 July 2000 Rose Johnson Washington 9 July 2000 William Lewis Texas 11 July 2002 (age81) Herwin Bell S. Australia 6 Aug 2000 (age94) Ralph McDonald California 7 Aug 2000 Wilma Davis Iowa 14 Aug (age 83) Norman Frost India 28 Sept 2000 (age 83) Caroline Hogan Ireland Oct 2000 (age 81) Eldora Pearson Minn 20 Oct 2000 Eileen Trevithick Montana 3 Nov 2000 (age 78) John Brasted NZ 10 Dec 2000 (age 89) Willie Jones Minn 24 Dec 2000 (age 81) Carson Cowan Ontario 29 Dec 2000 (age 86)

Ruth Aicken NZ 2001 John Deniker Florida 21 Jan 2001 (age 83) Arnold Brown Tenn, Mi. 8 Jan 2001 (age 89) Marvel Krauss Kansas 12 Feb 2001 Albert Barnes Queensland 25 Feb 2001 (age 86) Margaret Carey Indiana 27 Feb 2001 (age 93) Reta Sobey Maritimes 5 Mar 2001 (age 90?) Hilda Wills NZ 11 Mar 2001 Ellsworth Shilling Colorado April 2001 Charlie Preston Montana 30 April 2001 (age 102) Eva Strickland Ontario May 2001 Richard Sullivan Ore, Wa 28 May 2001 (age 83) Esther Soderman Michigan May 2001 Margaret McLeish SD, Ill. 25 May 2001 (age 87) Lydia Pingetzer Kansas 9 May 2001 (age 90) Edna Anderson Washington 15 June 2001 Ligaya Sanez Philippines June 2001 (age 81) Annie Anderson Ont, Maritimes 9 June 2001 Evan Jones Australia 18 July 2001 (age 91) Lynn Walker Kansas 24 Aug 2001 (age 79) Ann Symes NZ 11 Sept 2001 (age 75) Aaltje Haank Netherlands 6 Oct 2001 (age 97) Anna Delfino Pennsylvania 29 Oct 2001 (age 75) Ernest Nelson BC 23 Nov 2001 (age 94) Regina Cloete S Africa 26 Nov 2001 (age 73) Ruta Sprogis Germany 26?Dec 2001 (age 63) Mina Redpath Scotland Jan 2002? Dec 2001? Virgie Lacy ND 3 Jan 2002 (age 94?)

Willie Pollock Panama 4 Jan 2002 (age 80) Arthur Lomas NZ 6 Jan 2002 (age 85) Aldo Burzichelli Argentina 20 Jan 2002 (age 81) Dorthy Webster Nova Scotia 6 Feb 2002 (age76?) Virginia Shockley Missouri Feb 2002 (age 82?) Martyne Weller N Carolina Feb 2002 (age98?) Marjorie Knocke Can/Brazil Feb 2002 (age 84?) and Sydney Holt Aug 3, 2002 during Milltown WA preps. Add Rosalie Hawkes, Don Garland, Gay Turner, Opal Collins,Dan Hilton, Eldon Tenniswood, Leonard Hawkes, John Sterling and Howard Nussbaum to this list.

Worker shortage- In recent years, fewer young people have felt the call to "go out into the work". Several high profile "servants of God" (another name given to the workers by the Friends) have died in recent years. Some workers rest due to nervous disorders, homesickness or other nerve related problems. Workers often ask the friends to pray for the "need of the harvest field".

In the Eastern US, a severe shortage of brother workers exists today. Many workers leave "the work" due to marriage, nerve problems adjusting to living in different people's homes and disagreements with companions.

Workers recieve no retirement benefits and are taken care of by workers in one of the Friend's homes. Workers do recieve Medicaid benefits in US. Workers in nations with nationalized health care plans are taken care of by the health care system.

Many ex-workers will remarry and have an "open home" for the workers. There is a belief among some professing people that the workers will get a "worker reward" which will be lost when they leave The Work/Harvest Field. In the past, ex-workers had a relatively low status in the kingdom but this doesn't seem to be the case today. Ex-workers struggle financially when they leave the work. Some lack job skills and education to get a home and a full time job.

Secrecy-Workers often give limited information about the operations of their ministry to "outsiders" and so called "weak saints". Workers don't want their meetings taped. Workers don't maintain any financial records of contributions from the friends. Some professing people and certain workers may know about a meeting change, worker change, or other information concerning the work, long before the rank and file of professing people know about such events. Workers may burn letters from other workers rather than dispose of letters in the trash fearing improper disposal policies at the landfill causing others to be privy of the information. Many workers guard their words and actions as if they originate in heaven. Matthew 6 is often used to justify the tendency of the workers and friends to guard information about the secrecy of the group.

Despite the hardships faced by early workers, the work continues today albeit plagued with declining numbers, aging workers, nervous problems, and exits from the work. This homeless ministry continues to travel across the globe during convention and special meeting visits. Brother and sister workers continue to travel to towns renting public buildings and giving interested outsiders a chance to profess. Some people feel the workers are "God's true Servants" and must be obeyed in spiritual and daily matters. Workers maintain control over the selection of meeting homes, acceptable lifestyle for a so called "true child of God", assignment of meeting homes for the friends to attend, and other matters of personal choice. Despite its secretive and low profile nature, this style of homeless ministry has touched millions of lives across the earth in the last 106 years!

US Worker list from 1998. Updated as new information is supplied: ALABAMA& MISSISSIPPI Lee, George Craig, Troy Pearson, Perry Farris, Philip Pedersen, Robert Keene, Murray Culver, Lois Knighton, Sara Crawford, Doris Wentz, Deborah Wagie, Carol Smith, Vera Alabama & Mississippi/Alabama Malray, LaNell Smith, Ruth Barber, Don Smith, Ruby
CALIFORNIA, ARIZONA, NEVADA& PACIFIC Tenniswood, Eldon Hilton, Harold Myers, Gary Middleton, Richard Mata, Ruben Evans, Neil Stancliff, Leo California-Nevada-Arizona-Pacific Islands/California Fisher, Donald Morris, Charles Bors, Dale Johnson, Kenneth Olson, David Gillie, Jeff Fredgren, Thomas Peirson, Stephen Gibson, Jeremy Greenaway, Larry Nejely, Daniel Wulf, Richard VanDenBerg, John Renteria, Frank Layman, Joseph Hammett, Brett Newman, Robert Gerlund, Evelyn Floyd, Kimberly Doolittle, Shirley California-Nevada-Arizona-Pacific Islands/California Wagner, Tamara Wheeler, Marilyn Pero, Gayle Passage, Linda Munn, Phyllis Toppin, Claudia Gillette, Debra Boren, Maja Moreno A., Edith Jackson, Joyce California-, Jacquie Easley, Dena Bone, Karen CaliforniaBoyd, Virginia Conrad, Pamela Mattson, Cynthia Kirschvink, Lily Hatada, Mililani Alexander, Sally Layman, Lori California-Nevada-Arizona-Pacific Islands/California Fuhrman, Reta Richmond, Virginia Christianson, Jill Sotelo D., Leticia Tenniswood, Karen Johnson, Heidi Austin, Lois Denio, Marilyn May, Corle Chavira, Sandra Alexander, Edward , Dan Huff, Eldon Alexander, Joseph Williston, Kent Gifford, Kevin Gronley, Andrea Hansen, Susan Hansen, Heather Chavez, Trisa Layman, Robin Jantzef, Monica Pollock, Walter Smit, Larry Mookini, Bea Stuefen, Barbara Brist, Julia Willis, Karen s Curtis, Blanche Fridley, Viola Munn, Jeanette Weir, Gladys Weir, Primrose Copeland, Doyle Hashley, Sue Layman, Esther McDonald, Ralph , John Wegter, John Wright, Jonathan Guatemala Bergh, Trude Boswell, Scott Isabel Boyd, Paul Den Herder, Richard Horber, Margrit Hunter, Bill Jones, Virginia Pitcher, Marian Rittenhouse, Patricia Stearns, Barbara /Europe Taylor, Lary Walker, William Johnson, Rose MacPherson, Marion Porteous, Gladys VanDermyden, Alan Wagner, Teresa
COLORADO White, Leslie Halbakken, Marion Burch, Walter Wilson, John Atkinson, Wes Colorado Tsunemori, Carey Hamilton, Harlan Wilson, Martin Thomas, Derek Spath, Mary Ernsthausen, JoAnn Naber, Joyce Starns, Sara Lerwick, Lorraine Smith, Melissa Johnson, Patricia Kleeb, Elinor Major, Marge Taylor, Dawna Glazebrook, Kathy Cotten, Roxi Whitley, Janna o Christian, Cindy
FLORIDA Ray Hoffman Florida Smith, Bill Florida Herrera, Samuel Florida Cornell, Dick Florida Crews, John Florida Barber, Don Florida Wahlbrink, Michael Florida Weeda, Mary Florida Lewis, Louise Florida Pierson, Waverley Florida DeVoll, Karen Florida Duncan, Esther Florida Thomas, Cynthia Florida Sain, Sarah L. Florida Jones, Sharon Florida Kucera, Gwen Florida Hoffmann, Ray Florida/Mexico Glazebrook, Kathy Florida/Colorado Baker, Sheila Florida/Georgia
GEORGIA: Flippo, Robert Georgia Baseman, Jeremy Georgia Gasser, Richard Georgia Ault, Terry Georgia Young, Tom Georgia Woollum, Linda Georgia Baker, Sheila Georgia O’Keefe, Grace Georgia Evans, Ruth Georgia Dietz, Linda Georgia Arnold, Jane Georgia Vaughn, Charles Georgia/Wisconsin Pearson, Perry Georgia/Alabama Kucera, Gwen Georgia/Florida Castleberry, Carol Georgia
ILLINOIS& INDIANA: Barkley, Barry Illinois Janssen, Chris Illinois Brownlee, Harry Illinois White, Ryan Illinois Wahlin, Kenneth Illinois Rasmussen, Rich Illinois Knochenmus, Walter Illinois Davis, Tom Illinois Montgomery, Helen Illinois Robertson, Mary Ann Illinois Rostad, Sharon Illinois Jones, Heather Illinois Williamson, Sharon Illinois Gabhart, Kim Illinois Klenk, Janet Illinois Connelly, Julie Illinois Stephens, Carol Illinois Micheletti, Virginia Illinois Holt, James Illinois/Indiana Killam, Kevin Illinois/Wisconsin Sherick, Linda Illinois/Indiana Jensen, Andrea Illinois/Texas Taplin, Rose Illinois McLeish, Margaret Illinois Lantz, Jean Illinois Anderson, Alan Illinois/Mexico Bowen, Donald Illinois/Mexico Choi, Won Illinois/Malaysia Stipp, James Illinois/Argentina Eicher, Karen Illinois/Europe King, Patricia Illinois Mattison, Judy Illinois/Korea Smith, Lola Illinois/Brazil Taplin, Ruth Illinois/Central America Thayer, Jeff Indiana Badertscher, John Indiana Brown, Gary Indiana Parker, Dale Indiana Holt, James Indiana Sarver, Rollie Indiana Ford, Jeannette Indiana Hilligoss, Barbara Indiana Byers, Tania Indiana Estey, Jane Indiana Sherick, Linda Indiana Hughes, Ruth Indiana Lord, Mishelle Indiana Nutt, Marilyn Indiana Topinka, Christina Indiana Carey, Margaret Indiana Rasmussen, Rich Indiana Gabhart, Kim Indiana Watkins, Glen Indiana Spieth, Janine Indiana
IOWA Schober, Lyle Iowa Van Stelton, Bruce Iowa Hansen, Bryan Iowa Swenson, Dean Iowa Davis, Richard Iowa Spinner, Vernon Iowa Jensen, Matthew Iowa Williams, Hester Iowa Lang, Donna Iowa Henry, Joan Iowa Klevgard, Ruth Iowa Eicher, Susan Iowa Miller, Jane Iowa Scott, Eva Iowa Kleeb, Virginia Iowa Harper, Diane Iowa Bixby, Judy Iowa Beyer, Leah Iowa Boettcher, Sandra Iowa Fisk, Cheri Iowa Rizor, Bernice Iowa Kots, Pearl Iowa Kellogg, Douglas Iowa Stamps, Shari Iowa Richardson, Melanie Iowa Mader, Rollin Iowa/Michigan Sherick, Linda Iowa/Indiana Weeda, Mary Iowa/Florida Skaw, Loran Iowa/Poland Sherick, Dan Iowa/Ukraine Henry, Dan Iowa/FWI Bergman, Janet Iowa/Orient Eicher, Karen Iowa/Europe Lee, Lynette Iowa/Mexico Beyer, Doreen Iowa/FWI Lange, Avis Iowa/Ukraine Carlson, Edwina Iowa/Sweden Kleffman, LaVerna Iowa/Germany Kleffman, Marilyn Iowa/Germany
KANSAS & NEBRASKA Thomke, Ronald Broady, Alfred Morrison, Stanley Smith, Don Middleswarth, Charles Sandford, LeRoy Bledsoe, Leigh Copeland, Doyle Hall, Russ Stuefen, Brad De Raad, Dale Spellman, Loren Raymond, Berlin Pinney, Ken Greenaway, Margaret McKnight, Lois Brown, Lula Connelly, Shari Johnson, Charlotte , Carol Jean Faber, Bernice Nieuwenhuis, Bernita Kooy, Roanne Kleeb, Dorothy Carroll, Sharon Summers, Kathy Armstrong, Marybelle Adams, Mabel Tuttle, Joyce Fisher, Darla Dooley, Kathy Modin, Eunice Boyd, Uel Pingetzer, Lydia Jones, Iris Steinkuhler, Mary Patten, Virgie Krapu, DeAnn /Ukraine Walker, Lynn /Other Countries Reece, Raymond Yung, Glen Peterson, Hazel Miller, Martha Kansas-Nebraska/Other Countries Williams, Judy /Other Countries Eisele, Janice /Other Countries
KENTUCKY Frandle, Jerome Kentucky Synan, Robert Kentucky Gasser, Glenn Kentucky Arbogust, Justin Kentucky Harger, Greg Kentucky Stockwell, Delmar Kentucky Bloemker, Doris Kentucky Anderson, Esther Kentucky Eoff, Ruth Kentucky Mobley, Wanda Kentucky Fields, Mary Kentucky Holt, Kelly Kentucky Keever, Dena Kentucky Craven, Wanda Kentucky Naillieux, Kevin Kentucky Leszewski, Eleanor Kentucky Fairchild, Vickie Kentucky
LOUISIANA Mulkey, Jack Louisiana Reese, Gilbert Louisiana White, Eric Louisiana Mounce, Clarence Louisiana Reynolds, Joel Louisiana Stipp, Roberta Louisiana Harthorn, Julie Louisiana Martin, Louise Louisiana Hobbs, Ruth Louisiana Surratt, Connie Louisiana Fuller, Audrey Louisiana Eygabroad, Dorothy Louisiana Steinkuhler, Dorothy Louisiana Eygabroad, Cleo Louisiana Mounce, Marie Louisiana
MICHIGAN , Weldon Michigan Elrod, John Michigan Brown, Kurtus Michigan Sullivan, Lecil Michigan Byers, John Michigan Mader, Rollin Michigan Hilligoss, Brian Michigan Mousseau, Peter Michigan Oding, Andrew Michigan Denk, Bill Michigan Brown, Shane Michigan Tenniswood, Lillian Michigan Ransom, Karla Michigan Brown, Julia Michigan Skilbred, Wanda Michigan Olsen, Mary Michigan Brown, Maja Michigan Hopkins, Loyce Michigan Lowery, Sara Michigan Gillis, Kathy Michigan Ramsdell, Marcia Michigan Willbur, John Michigan/Ohio Tenniswood, Ben Michigan Atwood, Annabel Michigan Bergquist, Jean Michigan Forsyth, Dorothy Michigan Griffith, Sherri Michigan McGovern, Ellen Michigan Soderman, Esther Michigan
MINNESOTA Van Loon, Gaylen Minnesota Smart, John Minnesota Winquist, Craig Minnesota Tuin, Ben Minnesota Harbur, Richard Minnesota Dykstra, Dean Minnesota Knochenmus, Jon Minnesota Falb, Dennis Minnesota Quick, Loren Minnesota Holman, Brad Minnesota Raschke, Richard Minnesota Severud, Tim Minnesota Naef, Adele Minnesota Pierce, BethArlene Minnesota Stitt, Myrtle Minnesota Blakeman, Beatta Minnesota Ladwig, Eunice Minnesota Erickson, Pam Minnesota Edwards, Gloria Minnesota Grover, Stephanie Minnesota Ellingson, Ardith Minnesota Warner, Ruth Minnesota Reece, Mona Minnesota Clausen, Sherri Minnesota Swanson, Kim Minnesota Williams, Wendy Minnesota Forsberg, Anita Minnesota Pearson, Eldora Minnesota Kraus, Mary Anne Minnesota McCorkell, Suzanne Minnesota Jones, Willie Minnesota Eckel, Julie Lynn Minnesota Neuharth, Adeline Minnesota Morgan, Marian Minnesota Kooiman, Jennie Minnesota Hopkins, Duane Minnesota/Other Countries Sorenson, Steve Minnesota/Other Countries Ramsden, Roger Minnesota/Other Countries Peterson, Gladys Minnesota/Other Countries Peterson, Ida Mae Minnesota/Other Countries Dietlein, Connie Minnesota/Other Countries Horton, Jennifer Minnesota/French West Indies
MISSOURI & ARKANSAS Lerwick, Kenneth Richards, Scott Olsen, Leslie Culver, John Lauchner, Charles Brophy, Chris Satterfield, Randy Williams, Carl Knaggs, Margaret Topinka, Diane Nicholson, Naomi Petersen, Kaye Harrison, Irene Olsen, Corinne Schraw, Esther Sutton, Eva Widel, Joy Leszewski, Arlene Olsen, Loretta Weil, Patricia Platte, Jon White, Eric Johnson, Patricia Anderson, Esther Rozema, Ted Bolinger, Homer Elliott, Ronald
MONTANA & WYOMING Price, Jack Holskey, Dean Montana-Wyoming/Montana Coleman, Loren Preston, Charles Montana-Wyoming/Montana Rauscher, Scott Nelson, Clarence Reynolds, Jay Sparks, Glenn Montana-Wyoming/Montana Wilcox, Everett Corfield, Robert Silvey, David Robinson, Bonnie Hashley, Sue Greenaway, Mae Pheifer, Sandy Gillie, Sue Wisseman, Monique Jacobsen, Carolyn Paddon, Celia DenHerder, Darla Williams, Della Flood, Karen Layman, Esther Sundin, Laurel Hofer, Barb Faulkner, Laura Goetzinger, Amy Coleman, Nyla Sanderson, Eliza Paul, Gary Watts, Steve Joyce, Vernon Klucewich, Joe Wilson, Lloyd Bement, Irene Mcintyre, Moen, Helen Curtis, Loretta Long, Angie Montana-Wyoming/Wyoming Trevithick, Anita Montana-Wyoming/Wyoming Benjamin, Donna Montana-Wyoming/Wyoming Horn, Linda Dulton, Dorene Montana-Wyoming/Oregon Benjamin, Dale Stephens, Larry Montana-Wyoming/Finland Miles, Alice Montana-Wyoming/Philippines Trevithick, Eileen Montana-Wyoming/Taiwan Thedin, Agnes Montana-Wyoming/Norway Kujath, Marilyn Montana-Wyoming/Chile Brist, Julia Montana-Wyoming/Micronesia Benjamin, Marlene Montana-Wyoming/Philippines Scanland, Lois Montana-Wyoming/Ecuador Printz, Jana Montana-Wyoming/Overseas Carr, Tammy Montana-Wyoming/Poland
NEW MEXICO Price, Jim New Mexico Sweazy, Jason New Mexico Wegter, John New Mexico May, Richard New Mexico Henderson, Ruth New Mexico Newhouse, Niann New Mexico Faircloth, Marie New Mexico Nelson, Emmy New Mexico Martin, Linda New Mexico Coker, Jeannette New Mexico Morales, Lidia New Mexico Schober, Lyle New Mexico/IA Jacobs, Barbara New Mexico/Texas Wells, Charles New Mexico Candelarie, Isabel New Mexico Berger, William New Mexico/Mexico Kiser, Marsha New Mexico/Mexico Conners, Anna New Mexico/Dominican Republic Farmer, Gwendolyn New Mexico/Korea Throgmorton, Nadine New Mexico/Philippines Payne, Jacque New Mexico/Philippines Gatan, May New Mexico/Far East Gilmore, Dora New Mexico/Paraguay Williams, Judith New Mexico/Brazil
NEW YORK-NEW ENGLAND Steffen, Charles New York-New England Grady, Roy New York-New England Porter, Frank New York-New England Cleveland, Roger New York-New England Shaw, Bruce New York-New England Briggs, Darren New York-New England Smith, Roger New York-New England Knaggs, Albert New York-New England Meyer, Shannon New York-New England Bixby, Don New York-New England DiChiara, Michael New York-New England King, Mark New York-New England Chung, Tim New York-New England Kerr, Rebecca New York-New England Abate, Cynthia New York-New England Long, Margaret New York-New England Hagen, Christine New York-New England Miller, Marjorie New York-New England Shaw, Sandra New York-New England Wheeland, Virgie New York-New England Bickford, Ruthie New York-New England Duncan, Fern New York-New England Leffel, Ruthann New York-New England Anderson, Lucille New York-New England/New Jersey Fandrich, Rose Mary New York-New England/New Jersey Williams, Karen New York-New England/New Jersey Nicol, Janet New York-New England Martyn, Sharon New York-New England Hawkes, Leonard New York-New England Higdon, Sarah New York-New England Smith, Bill New York-New England/Florida Inniss, Leopatra New York-New England/French West Indies Thompson, Sherdenia New York-New England/Virgin Islands Jones, Deborah New York-New England/Virgin Islands Ballentine, Barbara New York-New England/Madagascar Cleveland, Karen New York-New England/Colombia Derrick, Owen New York-New England/Caribbean Knoche, Marjorie New York-New England/Brazil Nicholson, Esther New York-New England/Denmark Raju, Ranjini New York-New England/India Reynolds, Don New York-New England/Peru Stidolph, Ronda New York-New England/Ecuador
NORTH CAROLINA Wood, Taylor North Carolina Goff, Al North Carolina Blend, Slade North Carolina Nussbaum, Tom North Carolina Payne, Michael North Carolina Coleman, Kenion North Carolina Pulley, Leslie North Carolina Kerr, Charlie North Carolina Jansen, Peggy North Carolina Houston, Martha North Carolina Weller, Martyne North Carolina Skilbred, Margaret North Carolina Dixon, Anne North Carolina Christopher, Alice North Carolina Brown, Jennifer North Carolina Woods, Louise North Carolina Stone, Annie North Carolina Davis, Vella North Carolina Baker, Maurine North Carolina Gant, Laura Kate North Carolina/West Indies
NORTH DAKOTA Ricter, Gilbert North Dakota Bergh, David North Dakota Spencer, Dale North Dakota Pinney, Ken North Dakota Goecke, Wilfred North Dakota Blubaugh, Steve North Dakota Vogelzang, Jeffrey North Dakota Williams, Phyllis North Dakota Yule, Melinda North Dakota Henderson, Grace North Dakota Lawrence, Joyce North Dakota Palm, Heidi North Dakota Erickson, Elissa North Dakota Veldkamp, Twyla North Dakota Mack, Edith North Dakota Yule, Janine North Dakota Sandford, LeRoy North Dakota/Kansas Lacy, Virgie North Dakota Myers, Violet North Dakota Morgan, Marian North Dakota Burchill, Henry North Dakota/Brazil Lacy, Roy North Dakota/Mexico Stephens, Larry North Dakota/Finland Krapu, Mavis North Dakota/Sweden Vigesaa, Shelley North Dakota/Finland Wilson, Janet North Dakota/F. W. Indies
OHIO & WEST VIRGINIA Ross, Irving Ohio-West Virginia Raine, Luther Ohio-West Virginia Newmiller, Earle Ohio-West Virginia Vaughan, Timothy Ohio-West Virginia Lehman, Titus Ohio-West Virginia Dean, Simon Ohio-West Virginia Wilbur, John Ohio-West Virginia Potts, Esther Ohio-West Virginia Weiner, Geri Ohio-West Virginia Kuck, Evelyn Ohio-West Virginia Weaver, Alicia Ohio-West Virginia Lyons, Nancy Ohio-West Virginia Fleming, Ethel Ohio-West Virginia Fantini, Sue Ohio-West Virginia Schwartz, Joyce Ohio-West Virginia Burns, Rachel Ohio-West Virginia Elrod, John Ohio-West Virginia/MI Reynolds, Don Ohio-West Virginia/Peru Beasley, Edward Ohio-West Virginia/Dominican Republic Houston, Bill Ohio-West Virginia/Eastern Europe Gilmore, Dora Ohio-West Virginia/Paraguay
OKLAHOMA Oklahoma Peterson, George Oklahoma Thomas, Charles Oklahoma Branson, LaRon Oklahoma Murray, Doug Oklahoma Swenson, Lavina Oklahoma Stephens, Yvonne Oklahoma Magsam, Bertha Oklahoma Wheeler, Connie Oklahoma Johnson, Belinda Oklahoma Loveless, Pauline Oklahoma Peterson, William Oklahoma Sloan, Elizabeth Oklahoma Patten, Virgie Oklahoma Eygabroad, Cleo Oklahoma Dickson, Ruth Oklahoma/Central America Council, Mary Ann Oklahoma/Uruguay Horton, Jennifer Oklahoma/F.W. Indies
OREGON& SOUTHERN IDAHO Sines, Ralph Oregon-Southern Idaho Beckman, Kenneth Oregon-Southern Idaho Bennett, Harold Oregon-Southern Idaho Brown, Peter Oregon-Southern Idaho Jacobsen, Craig Oregon-Southern Idaho Welch, Mark Oregon-Southern Idaho Irish, Lee Oregon-Southern Idaho Patterson, Troy Oregon-Southern Idaho Sullivan, Stan Oregon-Southern Idaho Beattie, Jeff Oregon-Southern Idaho Sterling, John Oregon-Southern Idaho Siems, John Oregon-Southern Idaho Hinkle, Tom Oregon-Southern Idaho Printz, Eric Oregon-Southern Idaho Stidolph, Lowell Oregon-Southern Idaho Doland, Phil Oregon-Southern Idaho Smith, Doyle Oregon-Southern Idaho Newman, Lee Oregon-Southern Idaho Nealon, David Oregon-Southern Idaho Drew, David Oregon-Southern Idaho Linaman, Dellas Oregon-Southern Idaho Hanson, Hazel Oregon-Southern Idaho Collins, Opal Oregon-Southern Idaho Poage, Virginia Oregon-Southern Idaho Sullivan, Teresa Oregon-Southern Idaho Pierce, Hazel Oregon-Southern Idaho Draper, Betty Oregon-Southern Idaho Szakacs, Joyce Oregon-Southern Idaho Smith, Carlee Oregon-Southern Idaho Crawford, Betty Oregon-Southern Idaho Stevens, Ruth Oregon-Southern Idaho Emborg, Cheryl Oregon-Southern Idaho Coleman, Nyla Oregon-Southern Idaho Larson, Jean Oregon-Southern Idaho Dutton, Dorene Oregon-Southern Idaho Oakes, Karen Oregon-Southern Idaho Blair, Margaret Oregon-Southern Idaho Davidson, Dorothy Oregon-Southern Idaho Sikes, Bonnie Oregon-Southern Idaho Krigbaum, Twila Oregon-Southern Idaho Brist, Linda Oregon-Southern Idaho Combe, Connie Oregon-Southern Idaho Buell, Jane Oregon-Southern Idaho Murray, Barb Oregon-Southern Idaho Foster, Teri Oregon-Southern Idaho McDonald, June Oregon-Southern Idaho Denning, Sandy Oregon-Southern Idaho McMillan, Marylee Oregon-Southern Idaho Nichols, Dottie Oregon-Southern Idaho Brunett, Lisa Oregon-Southern Idaho Mooney, Howard Oregon-Southern Idaho Stevenson, Carroll Oregon-Southern Idaho Mooney, Rose Oregon-Southern Idaho Christie, Minnie Oregon-Southern Idaho Kelsay, Leatha Oregon-Southern Idaho Hanson, Dorothy Oregon-Southern Idaho Shelden, Dorothy Oregon-Southern Idaho Jacobsen, Carolyn Oregon-Southern Idaho/Montana Horn, Linda Oregon-Southern Idaho/Wyoming Brown, Tama Oregon-Southern Idaho Bowman, Max Oregon-Southern Idaho/Ecuador Collins, Annie Oregon-Southern Idaho/Japan Davidson, Jarilynn Oregon-Southern Idaho/Pakistan Davidson, Rose Oregon-Southern Idaho/Japan Farring, Alice Oregon-Southern Idaho/Brazil Farring, Rose Oregon-Southern Idaho/Korea Garland, Don Oregon-Southern Idaho/Korea Gatan, May Oregon-Southern Idaho/Philippines Girton, Jim Oregon-Southern Idaho/Philippines Haeuselmann, Myriam Oregon-Southern Idaho/Central America Jacobsen, Debbie Oregon-Southern Idaho/Japan Lawrence, Audrey Oregon-Southern Idaho/Sweden Layman, Nancy Oregon-Southern Idaho/Philippines McLin, Kathy Oregon-Southern Idaho/Philippines Raun, Emma Oregon-Southern Idaho/Japan Staats, Carrol Oregon-Southern Idaho/Taiwan Sullivan, Richard Oregon-Southern Idaho/Japan Wicks, Jay Oregon-Southern Idaho/West Africa Willis, Karen Oregon-Southern Idaho/Guam
PENNSYLVANIA: Howland, Murhl Pennsylvania Kinnan, Dennis Pennsylvania Miller, Ralph Pennsylvania Schooley, Carlton Pennsylvania Helenek, Dan Pennsylvania Kramer, Charles Pennsylvania Wilson, Evelyn Pennsylvania Delfino, Anna Pennsylvania Denton, Betty Pennsylvania Richardson, Karen Pennsylvania O’Connell, Judy Pennsylvania Grady, Jennifer Pennsylvania Pike, Mary Jane Pennsylvania Nelson, Alice Pennsylvania Cleveland, Karen Pennsylvania/Colombia Nelson, Olive Pennsylvania Rhode Island – see New York
SOUTH CAROLINA Goff, Clinton South Carolina Eldridge, Robert South Carolina Hamilton, Carl South Carolina Hahn, Eric South Carolina Peter, Cindy South Carolina Lehman, Marjorie South Carolina Christopher, Alice South Carolina Brown, Jennifer South Carolina Wilson, Harry South Carolina
SOUTH DAKOTA Hobbs, Joe South Dakota Karnes, Donald South Dakota Wilhoit, John South Dakota Postma, Chris South Dakota Slathar, Jeff South Dakota Muhm, Mike South Dakota Cossentine, Harriet South Dakota Follis, Frances South Dakota Bullick, Florence South Dakota Krauss, Marvel South Dakota Motley, Gayle South Dakota Connelly, Jenny South Dakota Jeske, Adele South Dakota Houston, Vera South Dakota McCord, Daylin South Dakota Faber, Philene South Dakota Williams, Sharon South Dakota Meyers, Hazel South Dakota Nelson, Norman South Dakota Chafee, Jim South Dakota Hettich, Duane South Dakota Faber, Freda South Dakota Oetken, Alice South Dakota Hollister, Edna South Dakota Braasch, Betty South Dakota Wilson, Janet South Dakota Johnson, Nina South Dakota
TENNESSEE Nussbaum, Howard Tennessee Johnson, Robert Tennessee Brown, Arnold Tennessee Eberhardt, Robert Tennessee Zimmerman, Franklin Tennessee Nugent, Mary Lois Tennessee Pierson, Norma Tennessee Jones, Norma Tennessee Graves, Janette Tennessee Huisman, Brenda Tennessee Robinson, Millie Tennessee Roberts, Jonathan Tennessee/Virginia Kinsey, Agnes Tennessee Bacon, Edith Tennessee Bartlett, Alma Tennessee
TEXAS Lewis, William Texas Raymond, Berlin Texas Hobbs, Ira Texas Mulford, John Texas Naef, Kelvin Texas Buchanan, Chuck Texas Naillieux, Kevin Texas Bryan, Darren Texas Walden, James Texas Peterson, George Texas/OK Mounce, Clarence Texas/LA Pedersen, Robert Texas/AL Arbogust, Justin Texas/KY Hahn, Eric Texas/SC Faircoth, Marie Texas Bellamy, Helen Texas McMahan, Marguerite Texas Hartsock, Imal Texas Oetken, Alice Texas Perez, Emma Texas George, Sue Texas Wegter, Whelmina Texas Sorenson, Lillian Texas Dawson, Kathleen Texas Douglass, June Texas Johnson, Shannon Texas Lewsader, Crystal Texas Bailey, Sue Texas Sparks, LaVerne Texas Knaub, Diane Texas Frye, Marilynn Texas Dawson, Sue Texas Jacobs, Barbara Texas Gatan, Fe Texas Henderson, Norma Texas Jensen, Andrea Texas Simon, Mary Texas Hahn, Mona Jo Texas Bearden, Nita Texas Terry, Glenna Mae Texas
UTAH Lambotte, John Utah MacDonald, Mike Utah Shockley, Virginia Utah Topinka, Ruth Utah Schraw, Esther Utah/MO Boettcher, Sandra Utah/IA Lerwick, Leroy Utah/Other Lands Wilhoit, Dennis Utah/Other Lands Enrietta, Domenic Utah/Other Lands Hettich, Duane Utah/Other Lands Houston, Bill Utah/Other Lands Farquharson, Kim Utah/Other Lands Sandoz, Eleanor Utah Hartig, John Utah Harris, Phyllis Utah Hnizdil, Martin Utah Kleeb, Lowell Utah Shilling, Elsworth Utah Bierbaum, Lillian Utah Sorensen, Lillian Utah
VIRGINIA: McCracken, Sam Marshall, Steve Nussbaum, Luther Sylvia, Bobby Guy, John Roberts, Jonathan Lambeth, Keith Peters, Mark Beck, Cheri Pickering, Glenda Neale, Tara Steljes, Dorothy Jayne, Stephanie Johnson, Robert Tennessee Hawkes, Rosalie Lloyd, Thelma Salvesen, Olga Farring, Priscilla
UPDATED 2004-05 LIST WASHINGTON AND IDAHO! Washington and Idaho 05 « Thread started on: Dec 25th, 2004, 4:03pm » Washington and Idaho 05

Mt. Vernon, Stanwood - N. Whidbey Island: Mark Huddle Wayne Bechtol Bob Anderson

Tacoma - Puyallup: Everett Swanson James Lindsey

Wenatchee - Chelan: Harry Henninger Joe Lewis

Spokane: Gary Paul Charles Morris

Port Angeles: Jon Knochenmus Andy Scholl

Colville - Deer Park: Dan Lawty Mark Simmons

Coeur d'Alene - Spokane Valley: Rob Newman Ross Wetherell

Auburn, Enumclaw - Federal Way: Fred Skalitzky Scott Price

Oroville, Republic - Omak: Don Davidson Dan McLeod

Everett - S. Whidbey Island: Muriel Erickson Kirstin Yung

Bonners Ferry: Yvonne Dubuque Suzie Smith

Tri-Cities: Lavina Swenson Debbie Peterson

Kelso - Longview: Judy McIntyre Celia Paddon

Yakima - Ellensburg: Carol Dutton Jennifer Foster

Olympia: Ann Bailor Mary Hasper

Grays Harbor - Shelton McCleary: Leota Wilkinson Terri Marsh

South Seattle – Kent -Renton: Joyce Long Jennifer Smith

Moses Lake - Othello: Myrna Danell June Lee

Walla Walla - Pendleton: Sally Aylesworth Maxine Hanks

Vancouver: Muriel Corcoran Jan Demmon

Bellingham - Sedro Woolley: Rebecca Huddle Kari Demmon

Moscow - Pullman - Lewiston - Clarkston: Julie Raab Patricia Doland

Bellevue – Bothell - Redmond: Joyce Peterson Gretchen Matthews

Other Nadine Behrend Taiwan Bonnie Dahlin Malaysia Patricia Daniel Central America Darryl Doland Minnesota (pro tem) Bob Dye Korea Hilda Hansen Sweden Judith Hordyk France Donna Jicha Czech Republic Virginia Jones CIS Linnet Long care of health Gilbert Smith Chile (pro tem) Mary Spath care of health Lucille Stanley Japan Sara Starns return to Kansas Kay Stout care of mother Mike Thorsteinson Asia Karen Tinklepaugh Colombia (pro tem) Susan Weichert Chile Nicholas Bunger care of health Jenith Hamon to Oklahoma (pro tem) Barbara Huggins care of mother Melissa Kunz to Asia April Pierce to Ecuador (pro tem) Elisa Sanderson to Chile Charlene Beck Alberta John Mastin Philippines Suzie Perry Japan Joe Schoen Arizona (pro tem) Della Shaw Wyoming (pro tem)

WISCONSIN Thain, Charles Wisconsin Swonger, Dan Wisconsin March, Stanley Wisconsin Farris, Daniel Wisconsin Miller, Ray Wisconsin Killam, Kevin Wisconsin Topinka, Duane Wisconsin Bauske, Curtis Wisconsin Vaughn, Charles Wisconsin Byers, Evan Wisconsin Skilbred, Lillian Wisconsin Gasser, Bythia Wisconsin Wahlin, Esther Wisconsin McCorkell, Suzanne Wisconsin Kleeb, Bonita Wisconsin Lord, Lori Wisconsin Hebb, Frances Wisconsin Byers, Leila Wisconsin Doering, Annette Wisconsin Lilley, Cheryl Wisconsin Kraus, Mary Anne Wisconsin Andrews, Laura Wisconsin Aarestad, Gwen Wisconsin Byler, Anita Wisconsin Arquette, Clarence Wisconsin Voyles, Mary Wisconsin Gasser, Richard Wisconsin Warner, Ruth Wisconsin Byers, Tania Wisconsin Fisher, Darla Wisconsin Baseman, Jeremy Wisconsin Blakeman, Beatta Wisconsin Brotherton, Lloyd Wisconsin/Argentina Hoest, Erwin Wisconsin/Philippines Ramsden, Roger Wisconsin/Columbia Lyman, Elaine Wisconsin/Brazil Gasser, Rachel Wisconsin/USA Accola, Sharon Wisconsin/Ukraine Sykes, Karen Wisconsin/Paraguay Henry, Joan Wisconsin/Iowa Baseman, Sarah Wisconsin/Argentina *Please E Mail me at if you have a more updated list of workers in the states above. I would like to update this list. Many of the readers of this site would love to know who is laboring in a certain state. Thank you.

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