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The I Hate Disney Club

Why We join the club

This is the We Hate Disney Club. if you think that the things above are true, they make you laugh cause they're so stupid, or just because you feel like it, you can join the club. All you have to do is write Rika an e-mail saying "i want to join your crappy club." then you'll be in it. i'll put up a list of all the members. I think we're doing pretty darn good. but anyway, my address is at the bottom. have fun. and i'll send newsletters whenever i get around to it about disney's latest shanagins. do you know what my brother just told me? it makes me so mad. the kid from malcolm in the middle, malcolm, i think his real name is frankie muniz, but kenji, that's my brother, said that he's gonna be on an original disney movie!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!! if he does that, i might have to shut the club down, i dont know, i'll watch the movie and tell you all about it. but anyway, that's all my depressing news for now. cause i love malcolm in the middle. anyway -rika

Rika (me)--president