When a student is training, it doesn't mean breaking boards, doing kembangan until you're bored out of your mind, or sparring with heavy pads on.   From the beginning, what the Martial Arts are all about to me is fighting to win, fighting to protect your honor, your family, and maybe your land.   By summarizing my life long practice and teaching experience in Martial Arts, I have never stopped listening or learning.   I learned a lot from skilled street fighters and from systems not for trophies, belts, or stress relief.   I train my students in a system that is geared for survival fighting and for developing mental toughness.   We train the toughest hand to hand combat.   In the world of Martial Arts, if somebody tells you that they are undefeated, it probably means one of two things.   One being that they are lying or, second, having not been in enough tough fights.   However, I have the greatest respect for my students.   As a personal principle, I do not put people down.   I strongly believe in treating people the way you yourself want to be treated.   I always and need to learn the best from other fighting systems.   The day you stop learning is the day you should quit.   I survived two wars and I thank God for giving me my strength and my health.

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