Netherlands Trip 1998

Jim Ingram

        It's been a long time since I've written about Pentjak Silat.   Almost each year, I travel to Holland to learn more about Pentjak Silat and the way it is practiced in Holland and Indonesia.  In Holland, I've met many pioneers in Pentjak Silat and Kuntao.  This year, I visited Don Kessing, Kepala Aliran ("head of the system / school") for Pentjak Silat Manyang - who runs numerous schools that specialize in training young people.   Don is the only Pentjak Silat instructor in Holland who has been knighted by Dutch Queen Beatrix for his service in Pentjak Silat.

        Incidentally, my son Raymond has trained for five years in Manyang and he's an assistant instructor in the system, teaching in Holland and Belgium.

        I also visited Bapak Dave Nelson, Kepala Aliran of the Pamor Badai system.  He gave me a history of Pentjak Silat written in Dutch that will be translated into English and published later this year by Dr. Andre KnustGraichen, head of the Pentjak Silat USA organization.  I visited my old friend, Dolf de Vries, who's the oldest son of Ernest "Ventje" de Vries and Kepala Aliran of Pa Serak.  While there, I interviewed him about the Serak system.

       In addition, I met with other prominent Silat gurus in Holland.  They included V. Phefferkorn, Kepala Aliran of the Setia Hati system; Bapak Rudy Vink, of the Cimande and Cikontak systems and who is an advisor for the Manyang system; and Hebpy Vincent, Kepala Aliran of the Pukulan Betawi Combinatie system.

     Moreover, I had a conference with Mr. Bud Ottens, who is the only original head instructor of the Kuntao system in Holland.  He has several schools and gave me the history of Kuntao in Indonesia.

      Then I traveled to northern Holland to visit Bapak Maurice de Thouars who plans to visit the United States next spring to participate in seminars on the West Coast in Washington and California.

       Here is a list of the names of the pioneers and the league of elders that established the Nederlands Pentjak Silat Bond (NPSB) - the Netherlands Pentjak Silat Union - that covers all of Europe. The league of elders consists of people from different Silat systems.

Nederlands Pencak Silat Bond (NPSB)

Bapak Arlo Bapak Pilauw Bapak Schmidt
Bapak Boham Bapak Smits Bapak Bonora
Bapak Tan Bapak Cromvoets Bapak Theuvenet
Bapak Croque Bapak de Thomis Bapak Flohr
Bapak de Thouars Bapak Tonjes Bapak Drijsen
Bapak Geugten Bapak Vermaessen Bapak Kneefel
Bapak Vink Bapak Liem Hong Ling Bapak Visser
Bapak Nelson Bapak de Vries Bapak Ost
Bapak de Vries Bapak Ottens Bapak Wynhamer
Bapak Phefferkorn Bapak Beynon


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