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Professing Women: The Pure or the Dominated Ones?

Professing women

When unprofessing people view professing women they get 2 different opinions. Some see the professing women as pure and Christlike. Others see the women as oppressed and abused by a male dominated clergy. The professing women today no longer wear black stockings. In many areas though dresses are worn at all times and their hair is put on their head in a bun. Many young professing girls suffer trying to fit in with their peers. Some professing girls fear a worker seeing them wear pants!! The dress code has messed up many professing girls.
Dedicated in loving memory of deceased professing women that wore black stockings against their will.
Many professing women see a relationship with God as conforming to a dress code. The issue of whether or not a professing woman should wear pants, sandals, jewelry, makeup, shirts with writing on them, or shorts takes first place to the inner working of God. The black stocking era from 1903 until sister worker Mae Carroll revolted against wearing them (1942) was a troubling time in professing history. If George Walker(1877-1981) could write a letter in 1942 telling girls they didn't have to wear black stockings then, why can't a current overseer do the same for dresses? Many older workers still insist that a woman should wear dresses anywhere and everywhere despite the fact that noone knows what Christian women wore in the New testament. Yet Queen Victoria's dress style is considered the only acceptable attire for a professing person to wear!

Professing women and women in other sects

Teenagers professing to serve God