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Welcome to Professingterms and cliches site! The website discusses terms, cliches, phrases and expressions used exclusively by the Friends and Workers in the Truth Way.

The "language of truth" is a combination of 19th century Irish and Scottish phrases, Old English phrases adopted from the King James translation of the Holy Bible, phrases used by prominent workers like Jack Carroll and George Walker, and worker sermons passed down orally from one generation to the next. Given the importance of worker preaching, it is not suprising that these terms have been an important part of the friends "vocabulary" distinguising them from the "religious world".

We hope you recognize some of the terms and cliches you remember as children or may still hear from the older friends during meeting.The professing people use phrases and cliches not understood by others outside the group. Often people with close relatives in the Truth cannot understand certain phrases or terms used by the friends to distinguish their church (The Truth) from other worldly churches.

The language of truth is very interesting. In an effort to conduct case studies on the friends, the most striking thing you will notice about them is a vocabulary that is different from other churches. Some of these cliches and analogies can still be heard in conventions and meetings today. These phrases are spoken more often by people who have a long history of professing relatives dating back to when this language was used more frequently by almost all of the friends.

Education, information and greater exposure to unprofessing people on the workforce has caused these terms to disappear. We at RFW would like to see others added to this list. These terms are a part of professing heritage and in danger of extinction!

Sometimes these terms are used more frequently when hearty saints are around each other away from unprofessing people. Those who attend meetings and conventions that were not reared in Truth will hopefully be better able to understand the meaning of these terms.Workers may be less likely to use some of these cliches and terms in sings or potlucks if outsiders (people not a part of the group) or babes (someone who has just professed) are present.


1.worldliness-Things in your home or life that the workers might disapprove of including types of entertainments, bad habits, clothing or jewelry.

2. keeping up the standard-Professing people in truth are supposed to have a higher standard than people in other churches and show that "the truth" is different and better than "worldly churches".

3. sacrifice-Willing to give up things (even things that aren't so bad) in order to draw closer to God. Also sacrificing time with things we enjoy in order to get on one's knees and pray.

4. Dying life of sacrifice-Friends are said to be dead to the world when the things of the world no longer appeal to them.

5. Blindness-The inability of worldlings (unprofessing people) to see that the truth of the friends and workers is the only way and other ways are wrong.

6. Revelation of truth to one's own heart-Moment in time (maybe an experience or being in a meeting) when one feels that the Truth is the only right way and other churches are false.

7. Getting on your knees-Workers strongly encourage the friends to read and pray in the mornings and evenings.

8. Be a light to the world-Workers stress that the friends show unprofessing people (including religious unprofessing people) that the friends have peace/joy inside truth and something more than they have in "the world".

9. Going to meeting(s)-Another name for church services in the truth. Professing people use the term "meeting" in the way that most Christians use the term "church". But in the truth sect, meetings are held in worker approved homes.

10. Chastisement from God's Servants-Friends are encouraged to accept worker (preacher) chastisement with a "right spirit". Chastisement might come in a personal visit,letter, sermon from the platform,and some also believe that God can chastise us through His Spirit.

11. Worker talk-Verbal chastisement or encouragement from a "Servant of God".Friends often feel that the advice of a worker or God's Servant cannot be disobeyed or questioned.

12. Keeping up the standard in the home-A professing home (especially a meeting home) is forbidden to have c ertain worldly objects like music or tvs in the home.

13. Fitting in-This phrase means obeying what we hear in meeting without complaining about it in order that the friends have "unity". Following group norms in order to keep peace with the workers and friends.

14. Filling our place-Each person in the truth has a "place to fill" whether it is elder, worker, head worker, being an example to worldly people in the home or job, etc.. Friends are encouraged to fill their place humbly and without complaint.

15. Youth are the future of the Kingdom, Middle Aged people are the strength of the Kingdom (The Truth) and Old people are the wisdom of the kingdom. Meaning-Regardless of your age, you can be "useful" in the truth.

16. Staying in the center of God's way/will-Friends are cautioned to be careful of the world, flesh and devil and to avoid anything that could take us out of the truth and into the world again!

17. There is nothing in the world to go back to-Often made after someone "loses out". Many in Truth express thanks for "God's true servants" for crossing their path when they were dead in sin and showing them the right way".

18. The world is a paying people but God's people (friends/workers) are a praying people.Meaning-Workers believe unprofessing people pay a preacher but don't seek God for themselves unlike the friends who pray in the secret place. Workers preach against an open collection plate during services.

19. Giving God our best/all/100%.Professing people in the truth see Jesus as their example (or elder brother) and believe that they should strive to reach his level of perfection instead of totally relying on the sacrifice on Calvary to cleanse them of sin. Some feel that God won't accept anything less than their best or all.

20. Be a little candle-Professing people are to show "truth" to unprofessing people on the job that they have something different and better". Sometimes workers say that a little candle will shine in a dark world.

21. Three Fold Enemy-World, Flesh and Devil

22. God's people aren't perfect but the Way is perfect. Or God's people aren't perfect but they are in a perfect way.Personal mistakes are said to be the problem of someone not getting "victory over their human nature" since the Truth is considered to be the perfect way that Jesus established.

23. The world has head knowledge but God's people have heart knowledge.Professing people are supposed to read, pray, meditate and listen in meeting instead of much reliance on religious literature. Workers aren't allowed to seek theological training after they go out into the work.

24. I have failed and come short this week/year.Sometimes workers and especially the friends will begin their testimony this way. Some feel it is a mark of humility to confess your faults before the friends and workers in a meeting setting.

25. I went to a meeting in X (any geographic location) and found God's people to be of the SAME spirit.Friends claim that despite differences in culture or geography, a common "spirit" of brotherhood and unity is found among all of the little meetings scattered across the earth.

26. The Truth gets sweeter to me as I grow older.Older friends often say that they value their religion (they say it is a way of life) more in old age because the things of this world no longer appeal to them.

27. The Struggle doesn't get any easier as one grows older.Despite the truth getting sweeter, professing people still struggle with trying to get victory over the world, flesh and devil so they can be saved at the end of their life.

28. The friends/God's people are the best people on earth.Belief among professing folks that friends in the truth are the only true people who serve God and others outside their meetings are lost and hellbound unless the unprofessing people profess before they die.

29. The workers are closer to God than the friends. Friends believe workers spend more time on their knees and sacrifice all so their words and actions cannot be questioned or disobeyed because they are seen as a "step closer to God than the friends.

30. We lose some of the Spirit of Convention when we leave the grounds.. Belief that you must sleep in the sleeping quarters at convention in order to feel the spirit of convention.

31. God's people bring bread to the Sunday morning meeting in the home to share with their brothers and sisters. (Bread in this sense means a catchy testimony that the friends remember and "feed upon" (think about) throughout the week.

32. Convention is as close to heaven as you can get on earth.Annual conventions are seen as a bit of heaven and if someone doesn't enjoy convention, then they wouldn't enjoy heaven.

33. Taking your own way after losing out. Some professing people believe that once people quit going to meetings, they will take their own way without guidance from God or His servants.

34. Faith that doesn't question-Workers feel that if a friend has strong faith, they won't be questioning why the workers do this or that and will accept things that run "contrary to their human reasoning" as true and right.

35. Human reasoning-Workers feel that many things about the Truth cannot be rationalized by the human mind and one must accept these things as right through faith. (See # 34)

36. Spiritual Israel-Belief that the workers and friends are God's chosen people today like the Israelites were in the Old Testament and worldly people are like the tribes that Israel fought against. Professing people are in a "spiritual" warfare against the influences of the world.

37. Special meeting or convention gems-Neat sayings from the platform that the friends repeat often in testimonies. Easy to remember sayings, cliches, experiences, allegories, acrostics and poems make up meeting gems.

38. Going out into the work/harvest field-This occurs when someone leaves home or sells their possessions and lives in the homes of the friends preaching the truth gospel to unprofessing people.

39. The world looks at the price but God's people look at the prize.There is a belief that whatever one gives up in order to attend meeting is well worth it when compared to one's reward in heaven for denying the flesh (human wants and desires).

40. The cost of giving up your own will/way.Workers claim there is a cost to professing and remaining in the truth as the flesh craves place but the friends must pay a price (not dollars and cents) in order to die to worldly interests and seek spiritual interests.

41. Dying outside and going to a lost eternity. Outside the fold means one stops going to meetings. Lost eternity is another name for hell.

42. Life offers choices, death seals choices, judgement reveals choices and eternity lives with choices.Bad choices in "this life" can effect one's eternal destiny even after professing since one is said to not know for sure if they are saved until eternity.

43. The Enemy of our Soul-Another name for the devil or Satan. Friends feel that Satan's number one objective is to get someone to "lose out" and leave the truth. Friends fear thoughts from Satan that might encourage them to quit going to the meetings.

44. Settled in the Truth;Settled purposes-A state when one no longer craves worldly things and seeks spiritual things evident by choices one makes in clothing, entertainment, friendships and time.

45. Goal-Heaven or the return of Jesus. Professing people press toward the goal.

46. Standing true in the struggle-Professing people who remain in meetings despite opposition, persecution, trials and other problems.

47. Putting God first-Anything that comes before God is referred to as an idol and unless God is first in one's life, they cannot be saved. Putting meetings or the worker's first is also considered part of "putting God first".

48. Feeding on the world (appetites of the world)

49. Household of God-Another name for the fellowship of the workers and friends called "the truth".

50. Father or mother in the Truth-Father would be a male worker that one "professed through or under" in a gospel meeting or convention. Mother would be a "sister worker" that one professed through in a gospel meeting or convention.

51. Giving yourself to God-This phrase doesn't mean killing yourself but rather giving up your own will/way and submitting to the plan of God for your life.

52. This life is a preparation ground and not a playground. Friends are expected to labour in order to be saved and that there is no room for slothfulness or spiritual laziness in "God's kingdom". Friends are encouraged to be serious and sober thinking about eternity instead of getting ahead in this life.

53. New bread from an old recipe-Friends often comment about how they enjoy hearing the same thing over and over from the platform or in the friend's testimonies and how it never grows old. New bread means it is something old that feeds our thoughts and helps us keep true in the struggle.

54. Household of faith/ the fold-Just another name for "The truth" religion.

55. "I am thankful that the workers and God's people prayed for me before I knew how to pray for myself." This cliche by the friends and workers stresses the need to pray that unprofessing people will profess and become a part of the Truth meetings.

56.Spending time on your knees-Workers often encourage professing people spend time in the morning before going to school/work on their knees praying. Also friends are encouraged to pray beside their bed before going to bed in order to seek forgiveness of sins committed that day.

57. Taking step's in God's way-There are 2 meanings to the expression. 1. Every day that one professes they are taking forward steps that will lead to heaven. 2. Also "taking steps" in the way means growth or progress including professing, baptism,leading a Sunday morning or Wednesday night meeting,going out into the work, visiting a foreign country etc..

58.On the inside looking out-Someone still professing and taking part but drawing away from "God's way" and drawing closer to "the world".

59.On the outside looking in-Someone doesn't profess and may not attend gospel meetings yet they are dissatisfied with their church and might become a future member of the Truth someday.

60. Pillars-Friends in the truth who support the workers by any of the following: Giving them money, having an open home for workers to visit and get their mail, renting a building for the workers to hold gospel meetings, having a meeting in their home, or any other effort enabling the work to continue. Sometimes pillars are described as someone "who has his thoughts, heart, and walk" in line with Jesus.

61.Brother worker-Male preacher or worker.

62. Sister worker-Female preacher or worker.

63. Meeting or going to meeting-Professing people use the term "meeting" instead of "church" in most occasions. Sunday morning meetings and Wednesday night bible studies are held in the homes of "one of the friends" (Professing people).

64. Sin-Missing the mark and failing to keep up the standard. Includes failing to read/pray, failing to get to the meetings, getting too involved in worldly things (some which may be good and right in their place but when carried too far could cause one to lose out). Includes more than a list of gross sins such as murder, fornication, theft or other crime. Anything that fails to meet the standard of perfection in Christ is deemed as sin.

65. Iniquity-"I think" meaning human thoughts and ideas about serving God which run contrary to the opinions of a majority of workers or friends.

66. changed life/making changes in your life-Workers believe that after people profess, certain changes should be seen such as dress (women wear dresses and hair on their head in a shape of a bun), friendships (less time around unprofessing people and more time around the professing people), entertainment (giving up television, music and sports), meek and quiet spirit, welcoming the workers into their homes, and bad habits (cigarettes, beer apart from Europe, and drugs). Progress or growth in the truth is seen by changes made in the life.

67. Suffering-Suffering might include physical persecution from friends or family after professing. In addition, suffering might include criticism from unprofessing relatives at home or on the job, and internal suffering resulting from giving up a tv, hairstyle, or going to ball games. In other words, persecution can come from others actions/words or the feelings one has as they "die to worldly things" by giving something up in order to be a part of the truth.

68. Across the will of nature-bearing our cross-Learning to die to earthly and temporal things that friend's enjoy (even if some of them aren't bad things) and learning to value reading, praying, meditating, going to meetings and giving up worldly things.

69. Spirit of convention-Warm feeling professing people have being around "God's people". Some feel this spirit is lost if you leave the convention grounds or have a bad spirit while attending convention. Some even say "convention is as close to heaven as you can get on earth".

70. Willing obedience-Obeying God or his servants without complaining or murmuring about it. Some say "it takes more than just obedience, it takes willing obedience".

71. Gospel hymn- A hymn in Hymns Old and New from 1 through 170. Friends are discouraged from giving many of them in a Sunday morning or Wednesday night meeting.

72. Taking the Emblems-Bread and wine after the testimony session is over in a Sunday morning meeting. Various workers have various qualifications for partaking of the emblems (TV, marriage to outsiders/divorcees, babies born out of the wedlock could disqualify you from taking the emblems which represent Jesus' life and blood.)

73. Outsiders,unprofessing people, or worldlings-Anyone not a part of the Truth fellowship/meetings. Many believe these people are lost unless they profess.

74. idols-worldly things (tv, sports, worldly friendships etc.)that might take your time from reading, praying, meditating, writing letters, visiting sick professing people, getting to a gospel meeting or helping out with convention preps. Some say it is "anything that takes first place in your life that God should have".

75. Going back-Another term for losing out which occurs when one quits going to meeting. Many say "there is nothing in the world to go back to".

76. Secret place-quiet times- The friends/God's people/professing people value quietness and stress the need of getting "alone with God" and praying in secret. See Matthew 6. Some professing people feel that in the quiet secret place where friends pray in secret, victory from God is given to help them "continue on" in the struggle. Workers stress that the friends spend "time in the secret place".

77. Dying to "self". (Also stated in meetings how "ourselves" are our own worst enemy". Self-Human tendencies that run contrary to the teachers of the workers and friends. Based on the scripture where self denial and taking up one's cross is mentioned.Human weaknesses which keep us from growing or progressing in the truth way.

78. Harvest field-Another name for the ministry which is most commonly referred to as "the work".In order to have eternal life, you must hear a worker speak in meetings and profess through that worker.

79. Need of the harvest- See # 78. Basicially this phrase discusses a shortage of young professing people willing to give up all and preach like Jesus sent the 12 and 70 disciples in the New Testament.

80. Narrow way-Belief that only a few are willing for the truth and will be saved. Also narrow way indicates a strict life void of worldly pleasures. Some workers preach that the narrow way isn't broad enough "for our own thoughts".

81. Separation from the world-Workers encourage professing people to stay away from unprofessing people apart from work or family. Workers often speak about someone worrying about unprofessing people visiting them after they professed but once the unprofessing person saw the "changes" in "one of our friends", they didn't want to visit "our friend" anymore. Friends are often called "God's separated people".

82. Standing true-Continuing to get to the meetings, read, and pray despite opposition and human weaknesses. Members must remain in the "truth" until death if they are to be saved in eternity. Members don't know if they are saved or not until after death. 2. Standing true also means that a "true child of God" doesn't compromise on worker standards when around unprofessing people regardless of peer pressure or treatment. Friends feel that if worldlings misunderstand you in this life, then God will reward you in heaven.

83. Brothers and sisters-Brothers are male members of the Truth church and sisters are female members of the worker's church. These 2 terms do not include anyone who doesn't profess/take part in meetings.

84. privileges-Things in the truth that are appreciated by its members (the friends) including open homes for the workers, worker visits, meetings, convention etc. Privileges could mean having a meeting on your own property OR the health and strength to get to attend a meeting somewhere else. Friends are often labeled by the workers as "The most privileged people on earth".

85. The kingdom-Workers refer to the "truth" as the kingdom believing that the Truth sect is the extention of God's kingdom on earth!

86. Age of accountability-Belief that at age 12, we become responsible to "make our choice" by professing in a worker led gospel meeting or convention. Friends don't believe we are born into sin.

87. Borrowed time-The belief that a person is living on "borrowed time" when they reach age 70.

88. Wall of separation-God's people are supposed to have an imaginary wall between them and "the world". Separation from the world explains why the friends avoid certain worldly things identified by the workers.

89. Pressing on-Day by day continuing on in the truth .

90. Beginning the day with God-When a "true child of God" first gets up in the morning,he/she is expected to read their bible and pray.

91. Family of God/spiritual family-Members of the truth church feel a kinship to each other which some say is stronger than their love for their unprofessing natural (blood kin) family. Some people say the love between God's family drew them to the "truth" in the beginning.

91. Lost souls-Another name for people that don't belong to the Truth religion. Friends often pray that the workers will be led in touch with "lost souls" and that they will make profess before they die.

92. Upholding the hands of God's Servants-Supporting the efforts of the workers to preach and hold gospel meetings. Being useful in any way possible.

93. elder-Male professing man appointed by the workers to lead the meetings (give out hymns and guide the meeting through prayer, testimony time and emblems on Sunday mornings). Elders lead the meetings when there are no workers present in a meeting.

94. Unchanging way-Friends believe their church doesn't change like "worldly churches" because their church wasn't founded by man.

95. right condition

96. Meeting after the meeting

97. Being still and quiet-Professing people stress being quiet before meetings. Workers stress the need of getting into the right condition before reading, praying and getting to the meetings.

98. Keep on keeping on

99. Firmer grip on God's way

100. JOY-Jesus first, others next and yourself last.

101. FAITH-For All I Truth Him

102. Doing all we can while we can

103. Simplicity of God's Way/This Truth

104. Making vows-Friends often testify at the annual conventions about certain "vows" they make during convention for the next spiritual year.

105. Spiritual year-Time period between "home conventions".Spiritual year begins after leaving convention.

106.Tests/trials/dark experiences-Workers often speak about dark experiences in life that cause people to feel their need to profess. And dark experiences that cause people to become more kingdom minded.Sometimes it is said that "maybe a death or sickness" will cause someone to return to "God's way" before it is too late.

107. Esau and Jacob nature-Esau is the human nature that we are born with while the Jacob nature is acquierd through professing and upholding the standard of the kingdom.

108.I would rather see a sermon that hear one anyday-Opening line to a poem. Workers stress the importance of "our lives" over our words. Belief that the friends do what they say while other religious groups say and do not. Verse in James about being a "doer" and not a "forgetful hearer" is used to stress the importance of our lives.

109.Soft and tender heart-A person who is careful and cautious. Someone who forgives others and doesn't complain or retaliate. A soft heart is required so friends will recieve the worker words in meeting and apply them to their lives (bearing fruit).

110. Speaking lists-Published at convention listing the order of speakers at each of the 4 days of convention.

111. Dying outside-Someone who doesn't profess/take part in meeting when they die. Many friends (especially older ones) feel that these people cannot be saved.

112. Marrying outside-Marriage to someone who doesn't profess in the "truth".

113. Marked homes-Belief that a professing home is to be different from an unprofessing home based on the items brought into the home.

114. Day when 2 of God's servants crossed one's path-Many older friends loved to tell in meeting or conversation about a day when "2 of God's servants" crossed their pathway when they were lost in sin and showed them the "true way".

115. Going astray-Another term for losing out or leaving the truth. Sometimes you will hear about someone who used to profess and was "led astray" by someone or something.

116. Going without a murmur. See # 70. Based on Hymns Old and New # 85. Belief that friends should obey, sacrifice and give to God without complaining.

117.Hardness of the way-That in our human nature that resists the professing lifestyle of sacrifice and self denial. It has been said that "it isn't the hardness of the way but the length of the journey" that causes people to fail in the truth/God's way.

118. Being ready-Workers stress that the friends are "ready" when they die or Christ returns. You must live a strict and pure life "upholding the standard" in order to be saved.

119faithfulFaithful means doing "what we can" to earn eternal life such as reading, praying, meditating, having an open home for the workers to visit, financial contributions to the workers, inviting outsiders to gospel meetings,upholding the standard of God's way in daily life, helping out with convention projects at preps etc..

120responsibility or places of responsibility This term is used to refer to workers who have authority over several fields and bear the burdens of watching over the lives of "God's people".

121WatchmenWorkers are considered watchmen since they try to warn the friends of actions that would lead them to a lost eternity. God is referred to as the "Watchman who watches over the watchmen."

122Getting ready for a meeting Workers encourage the friends to stay home on Saturday night and get quiet so they can have something "to share" with their meeting crowd on Sunday morning.Workers will often go to their bedrooms for hours before meetings getting "something from above" in order to share with the friends during meeting.

123.Brought out of-Professing people express thanks in meeting for no longer being under the control of worldly things like bad habits, television, worldly music or anything that the workers don't approve of in a professing person.

124.Brought into-The good things about the truth that the friends wouldn't be enjoying if they didn't profess such as privileges, worker visits, fellowship with the professing people,no longer under the fear of death etc..

125.Out in the worldPeriod of time in one's life when they didn't go to meetings or have an interest in meetings.

126.Supporting the workers/ministry-Professing people can support the workers in a number of ways-open homes, monetary contributions given in secret, attending their gospel meetings, inviting outsiders to meetings, and writing letters to them. And of course, recognizing their authority as absolute and from God.

127.True child of God-A term that distinguishes professing people from members of other denominational groups.

128.Harvest field-Another name for the 2X2 homeless ministry also known as "the work".

129.Places of responsibility-

130. Spiritual-

131. Goats or Tares

132. Sheep

133. Struggles or the struggle

134. victory or getting the victory

135. Feeding on the wrong thing/"the world"

136. Losing one's vision/losing or lost out

Singing the Graces
Singing the grace-Before mealtime, if a large number of friends are available for say a potluck, one stanza hymns will be sung before they eat. These graces use tunes from Hymns Old and New by RL Allan, Redemption hymns,Rhodheiver hymns, Songs of Victory or hymnals from other religions. Here are a few of the graces sung before meals:

1.For Thy remembrance of our needs We thank Thee, Lord, today. Help us to render Thee our best In service true alway. (Tune of Oh God of Bethel)

2.All things living God doth feed. He supplies our every need. For His mercies still endure-- Ever faithful, ever sure. (Grace # 2 may be the best known grace sung by the friends!)

3Father, we thank Thee for this food. From Thee descendeth all our good. As we receive thy gifts today Lord teach us how to praise and pray. May our lives bring joy to Thee Now and through eternity.

4.Our temporal needs Thou dost supply. Receive, oh Lord, our grateful praise. With hidden manna from on high Oh feed our hungry hearts always! (I need thy Sheltering Wings my God)

5.We thank Thee for our daily bread And all the way Thy hand has led. Help us conquer in the strife And feed us with the bread of life!

DISCLAIMER-These phrases are used more frequently by older third and fourth generation friends. Many younger friends have ditched these terms and some may even be unaware of their meaning or existence. This site doesn't attempt to agree or disagree about the biblical support any of these terms but rather to educate others about their useage in The Truth church/way/meetings.

Click here to learn more about preachers called "The workers", annual conventions on farms, Sunday morning/Wednesday night meetings in homes, gospel meetings and special meetings.

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Professing words

  • overseer-Head worker in a state, region(group of states) or provinces. They have the greatest power over who can take part in meeting, worker assignments, meeting relocations. Younger workers consult them on matters.
  • honest soul-Someone that is interested in going to meeting and considering professing.
  • wrong spirit-A tendency to question worker ideas on scriputure or a willingness to express one's viewpoints that run contrary to worker/meeting beliefs.
  • daughters of the world-Women that do not profess, wear short hair,pants makeup and jewelry. Men are warned not to marry them.
  • lost out-Someone that no longer takes part in a meeting. These people are said to be hellbound until they return to meeting.
  • Egyptians/heathen-Those who know nothing about the Truth Church. These people are sometimes ridiculed and pitied by some friends.
  • false church- Any religion other than the Truth Church. These churches either meet in buildings or if similar in structure to the Truth are said to be
  • false preachers-Denominational ministers that are paid by the congregation, live in their own homes, own cars and fail to travel in a homeless fashion.
  • mission-Series of gospel meetings in a community. If serious interest is shown then the worker may be tested.
  • day of visitation The period of time when the gospel is being preached in one's home community. The person is said to be more responsible should he fail to profess during this time period
  • open door- When workers are allowed to have gospel meetings in a community and some interest is shown in the meetings by unprofessing people.
  • open home- A home where the workers are free to visit and spend some time with the friends there and maybe even have their mail collected there.
  • divided home- A home where a professing member resides but the workers are denied a chance to stay overnight due to an unprofessing person also living at the home.
  • growth in the truth- When a person gains a love for attending meeting, copies the dress code of the friends and removes entertainment objects that a worker disaproves of in their own home.
  • dying to the world- When a professing person is willing to withdraw from worldy people, dress like a professing person should dress and remove inappropriate entertainment objects from their homes. Once the dying occurs a perfect peace is said to occur.
  • struggling soul-A professing person in danger of loosing out. This person may attend worldly activities,have unprofessing friends, enjoy entertainment, dress like the world(pants on women, women with makeup, women cutting their hair etc). These friends need prayers from workers and friends and some worker visits. They may be told to quit taking part in meeting depending on the worker in their field. As the friends loosen up this phrase seems to be falling by the wayside in some areas.
  • testing a meeting- A worker will finish the mission by giving out a hymn and asking if someone would like to stand up and let others know of the choice they have made to profess. The member will stand up at verse 3 or 4 of the hymn. This person can now take part in meeting. Saturday night meetings at conventions are also tested for new converts.
  • babesNewly professing people. These people need worker guidance and often are unaware of meeting rules/traditions. This is part of the process of becoming a little child. You need constant supervision and must possess a willingness to learn from more mature saints and workers.
  • fitting in -Behaving like a professing person is expected to behave in dress and lifestyle without complaint.
  • servants of God Term referring to the homeless ministers also called workers. These workers are said to be God's only true representatives on earth.
  • troubled-Someone that is attending gospel meetings that knows they should profess and display evidence(crying, unhappiness) that they are hellbound unless they profess.
  • interest- Good attendence by unprofessing people during a mission.
  • profess- When a worker gives out a hymn and the person stands up to their feet and chooses to follow the rules of the Truth. The person can then take part though partaking of the emblems will likely be witheld until baptism.
  • taking part in meeting- The right to pray or testify in a house church established by workers. This right can be witheld should someone marry outside the meeting, marry a divorced person, argue with a worker or break a rule enforced by the overseer in the region.

Professing Cliches

  • The workers said it, I believe it and that settles it.
  • Hurry and worry are two ways to kill sheep.
  • If the inside is right, the outside will be right also
  • You can be wrong in the right way but you cannot be right in the wrong way.
  • Many men of many minds have made many religions of many kinds.
  • The ministry without a home and the church in the home is the New Testament church in a nutshell.
  • I am glad faithful souls have preserved this great truth down through the ages.
  • I have been out in the world before and I do not want to go back to those days again.
  • our young people are a beautiful site to see when they have a love for the meetings.
  • I want to continue on in the meetings until the end.
  • I want to stand true until the end of the journey.
  • I am glad God sent his 2 servants to me when I was lost in sin.
  • The People of God (the Friends) have a peace within that the world knows nothing about.
  • We don't know how thankful we should be to find Truth
  • God's people have never been popular among the people of the world. Only a few people are willing to submit to God's servants.
  • People wonder about how their unprofessing friends will react to them professing. Once you profess and are willing to be a child of God you won't have to ask your friends in the world not to visit you because they will not want to associate with you.
  • To the world, it is sacrifice but to God's people, it is a privilege
  • The mind is the mill that grinds the food that feeds the heart . Friends are encouraged to think
  • God's people (The friends) are the only bible some in the world will ever read
  • We never know who may be watching our lives and desiring truth
  • The worldly religions want to clean up the life but God wants to change our hearts
  • True submission and sacrifice brings true peace
  • The first mile is the duty mile and the second mile is the love mile
  • When we give God our best, he will do the rest

Professing terms heard in meetings

  • worldly friends-friends that don't go to meeting or profess.
  • God is more concerned about who is willing than who is able
  • preps-workers leave their fields and get convention grounds ready for the convention.
  • professing and possessing-Professing and following all of the rules and traditions.
  • God's seperated people-Professing people who avoid worldly people and influences.
  • half-hearted-Not putting enough into the truth evident by poor meeting attendance, outward signs of
  • useful/kingdom minded-Helping the workers through labour, money or inviting people to meetings.
  • human reasoning-Danger of trying to make sense out of the bible/what is spoken in meeting. Friends should have a faith that doesn't question workers.
  • God's sent ones/workers/homeless preachers/tramp preachers/true servants of God, servants of God, handmaidens
  • the platform-Raised structure where workers preach from and worker words from the platform come from up above!
  • sleeping quarters-Dorms where friends spend the night during conventions.
  • union meeting-Friends attend a once/twice a month Sunday morning meeting in a home.
  • Special meeting rounds-Workers leave field, go to other fields, eat in homes before these 1 day mini-conventions in public buildings.
  • our walk-How the friends conduct their lives before worldlings.
  • privileges of fellowship-How The Friends have true unity and feast upon God's word in meeting.
  • Lost and perishing worl/outside-Anyone not a part of the Truth Way!
  • continuing on/keep on keeping on-Friends must remain in truth until they die before they have a chance to be saved.
  • renewing our vows-Every year at convention, friends make oral vows in their testimonies or secret vows in their heart.
  • Staying in the CENTER of God's way-Getting to all of the meetings and looking/acting like a true child of God should look/act.
  • wrong hands-Workers guard information spoken in meetings, letters and content of worker meetings from outsiders who might expose the group to the media.
  • testimony/testimonies-1. The life we live before unprofessing people that should make them think WE are different and have what they don't have. 2. Speaking in meetings.
  • going forth of the gospel-Workers continuing to go out and preach like Jesus sent the 12 and 70 entering into communities and preaching the only true gospel.
  • batching/batches-Workers may rent an apartments or home in an area if there are no friends in order to have gospel meetings.
  • worker-another name for the homeless preachers in the truth church.