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Tails' Paragon Of Information

Hi! I'm Miles! But everyone calls me Tails,I guess its because I have two of them! Heh, well there won't be much on my page! I'm gonna try to get as much as stuff as I can! The creation of this page had many elements! First I calculated all the necessary data--weighed all the various options for optimum desired result and then--...Ahh nevermind. ^^ Well heres some info about me to start off! *wink* ^.~

Want the Updatez ?

My Profile

Miles "Tails" Prower

White gloves
Red and white shoes
White socks
Rhythem badge

Station Square-Mobius

Orange Anthro, 2 tailed fox.

44 lbs
Light orange fur
White muzzle ,belly
and tail tips
Two large bushy tails
Three bangs infront
Baby blue eyes


November 23,3224
8 years old

Martital Status:
Not a big concern..

Workin' at my workshop
Upgrading the Tornado 2 constantly
Tinkering with anything mechanical
Helping Sonic on adventures
Playing with Amy Rose ^^
Hanging out with the gang

Spin Dash
Tails Attack
Rapid Tails Attack
Swiming underwater

I got tons of those..

Mint candy

Chibi (Small)
Not very strong

A Freedom Fighter
Sonic's side-kick

Tornado II
His snowboard

He's a little shy
very kind and serious about things
When he was a young pup he was
picked on about his tails
The he met Sonic and followed him
now he has a positive attitude toward
life now

Personal Quote:
"I wanna fly high so I can
reach the highest of the heavens.
Somebody will be waiting for me,
so I have gotta fly higher!"
~ Miles "Tails" Prower
Links! What? Your leaving? Have your cognitive faculties left
you? Nonetheless,here are the links!

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This page is mine and Amy Rose because she is the one who made this site possable. Any use of images or anything is a result of me telling Amy.....and...well....your'll have to go to her site go to the bottom, to find out what she'll do to you.