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Joe DeVito Will Be Appearing At Wonderfest May 28-29 in Louisville KY

Joe DeVito
Spring Schedule

Borders Books Music & Cafe
461 Park Ave and 57th
New York, NY
Phone: (212) 980-6785
Thursday March 24, 6:30pm

Barnes & Noble
1972 Broadway (near Lincoln Center)
New York, NY 10023-5903
Phone: (212) 580-2959
Thursday May 5, at 7PM
Borders Books Music & Cafe
225 Interstate Shop Ctr
Ramsey, NJ 07446-2818
Phone: (201) 760-1967
Saturday May 7, at 2pm

Doylestown County Library
150 S. Pine Street
Doylestown PA 18901
Saturday, April 9 at 2:00 PM
(registration: 215-348-9081)

Township Library of
Lower Southampton
1983 Bridgetown Pike
Feasterville, PA
Friday, April 23, 2:00 PM
(registration: 215-355-1183)

Levittown Regional Library
7311 New Falls Road
Levittown, PA 19055-1006
Saturday, April 30 at 1:00 PM (registration: 215-949-2324)

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Pat Reilly Is Placing Himself In The Realm Of All Time Great Kong Artists. T-Rex Battle Is Iggy's Latest....

Click Image To See More Pat And Other Fan Art


This Was My Favorite Of The Deleted Scenes From The 76 Kong. Correct Me If I'm Wrong, But This Was In The Original Theatrical Release. The Film Was Complete For The Most Part When I Saw It On Dec. 18th, 1976.

These Captures Are From The French Special Edition, Quite A Nice Set If You Can Find It.


Production Diary Updates Days 115 And 118. Go See Them At Kong Is King!

Day 118: The Hellfire Shoot


Day 115: The Sound Department




Beyond This Point Lies Some Major Spoilers.....Click Image If You Dare!!!!! Kong Is King "Brought Home The Big One"!



Joe DeVito's Next Stop........

For those in the New York city area who may be interested, I will be signing for KONG: King of Skull Island this Thursday, March 24, starting at 6:30pm at

Borders Books and Music Cafe
461 Park Ave and 57th St.
New York, NY
212 980 6785

As usual, there will be original art on display, collectible postcards and more. There was a great turn out for the last signing which went on for almost two hours. Hope to see you there!

As things stand now, this will be my last signing until May. April dates are filled with talks for the 'One Book' initiative. For more details on these and other Kong happenings please go to the 'News' section of either or  




Jay Found This 76 Info Over At IMDB.

Alternate Versions for King Kong (1976)

  • The Film had 45 extra minutes of footage added to it for its two part TV premiere.

  • Additional scenes include the following:
    • A lengthy scene in a Surubaya bar showing Prescott drugging a Petrox crewman.
    • A scene of Joe & Boan playing cards & being interrupted by a Captain Ross on the loudspeaker calling all hands to assemble in the mess room. Boan wisecracking about Petrox bought by Howard Hughes & working for the CIA.
    • A scene of a mexican crew member named Garcia spying on Dwan while she's showering,ends with Jack tossing Garcia overboard with a life preserver.
    • A scene showing the crew watching an old movie on TV. Roy Bagley observing the oil-like substance under a microscope, he swigs some wine & calls for a boat to take him ashore.
    • Longer battle between Kong & the gigantic snake,ends with an alternate and less gory take of Kong killing the snake & beating his chest.
    • Extra footage of Kong breaking through the wall.
    • Before Jack enters Dwan's dressing room he is confronted by a security guard.
    • Additional dialogue between Dwan & Wilson.
    • During Kong's rampage a Petrox head exectutive tells Wilson he's fired.
    • After Kong steps on Wilson,the camera pulls back to reveal that all that's left in Kong's footprint is Wilson's hat.
    • A scene of Dwan & Jack talking & running down a street trying to hotwire a car.
    • A scene of a car running in front of Kong,Kong picks it up & throws it against a building,where it explodes.


  • The three hour, two-part television version also includes:
    • A longer scene of Kong attacking the elevated train.
    • A longer scene of Kong hiding from search helicopters at the East River waterfront.
    • -Additional dialogue between Jack and Dwan in the bar.
    • -Two brief, additional clips of the military gaurding the Queensboro Bridge.
    • -An alternate, extended scene of Kong destroying the power station.
    • -A longer scene of the City Official concurring with military advisors at City Hall, including a general telling the official they don't have time to get Prescott's head examined, and another advisor telling the official that standing around won't get him votes.
    • Extended scene of Kong peering in the window at Dwan in the bar.
    • A short scene of a military official ordering jet fighters to be aborted and choppers sent in instead.
    • A scene of Jack stealing a discarded ten-speed bike and racing after Kong down a New York street.
    • Three short clips of Kong lumbering down Wall Street with Dwan in hand.
    • A brief clip of the helicopter gunships taking off.
    • An extended scene of Kong climbing the World Trade Center and pausing to rest a moment about halfway up.



Kong 33 DVD Release Getting Closer?

The Digital Bits (Thanks to Jay for finding this one.)

Finally this afternoon, in the "around the Net category", Noel Murray of The Onion A.V. Club has just posted an excellent 3-part DVD feature comprised of interviews with Warner's Feltenstein, Home Vision's Lee Ferdinand and Something Weird Video's Mike Vraney. It's a great read, with lots of interesting information. Included in the Feltenstein piece is word that Warner has just gotten their hands on a high-quality element of the original King Kong from Europe (apparently the main reason behind the delay of the film's highly-anticipated DVD release). On a brief side note, The Onion is a publication close to my heart, as it was launched in Madison, Wisconsin back in 1988, while I was a student at UW-M. Why... I recall reading the very first issue over a beer at the Rathskeller. Good times indeed.

The Onion A.V. Club: The George Feltenstein Interview.

O: Does fan input play a role in what you release? You have websites like The Digital Bits that keep people updated on what's coming out, but that also advocate and educate.

GF: To a large degree, yes. I constantly monitor all those sites and forums. But that represents only part of the voice of the consumer. You're dealing with the extreme enthusiasts, and they may not be numerous enough to support the release of a specific title. You need more of a broad appeal than just niche fans. But we participate in live chats with them, and we'll explain sometimes why a particular title isn't available yet, whether it's legal problems, or looking for elements, or something like that. You know it took us literally until just a couple of months ago to get a proper element on King Kong, which is like one of the ultimate, perfect DVD releases. Everybody thinks we held off because Peter Jackson is remaking the movie, but that's just a coincidence. There was an element in Europe that we wanted to get our hands on, and it took a lot of negotiation with the archive that had it. We finally got it, and the restoration is under way. People always think there's some kind of conspiracy. [Laughs.]


Kong Is King Production Diary Updates: Days 108, 110, And 113.

Day 108: Make Up

Day 110: The Universal Summit

Day 113: The 2nd Unit



How About This For News?!?! Fresh And Dope!!!



Kong hard going, says Jackson

Peter Jackson admits he has found shooting King Kong in Wellington much tougher than anticipated.
In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald this week, Jackson described himself as in "survival mode" since filming began last September on the $200 million film.

"We had some perceptions that this would be easier than The Lord of the Rings. It's only easier in the sense there's one film instead of three, but it's a tough film to make," he said.

See The Rest At: STUFF



It's Naomi......Finally!!!! This Is A Cool KIK P.D. Day 105. Oh Yeah, Pete Got Some Sleep.



Joe DeVito Signs For Fans!

"Thought I'd send over some shots from the last signing in Syosset, NY. It was great to meet everyone and talk all things Kong for a good part of the evening. Of particular note was a young Kong fan named Vincent. If his interest and knowledge of King Kong lore were any indication, the memory of Kong will be in good hands for generations to come!

The next signing is:

Saturday, March 12, starting 2PM
Borders Books
801 Bethlehem Pike
E North Wales, PA
215 412 2655

Hope to see you there."


Just Sad........Horror Won't Be The Same.

Debra Hill, "Halloween" writer-producer, dead at 54.

Associated Press

Debra Hill, the "Halloween" writer-producer who rose through Hollywood's ranks to become one of the industry's pioneering woman producers, died Monday, according to family friend Barbara Ligeti. She was 54.

Hill had battled cancer for 13 months, Ligeti said, but was working on several projects, including a film about the last two men pulled from the rubble of the Twin Towers following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, until her last days.

The Rest Is At The Mercury Times


This Seems Familiar But Posted It Today.

March 7: KING KONG art unveiled, Jackson and Watts talk

USA Today printed this very cool piece of production art for the KING KONG remake that recently wrapped under director Peter Jackson, for Universal release this December. Jackson told the paper that the new film is aiming for scary intensity: "We obviously are being PG-13, but I want to try to get a head being bitten off somewhere in there, sneak one in past the ratings board." The article also reveals that Jack Driscoll’s character has been reimagined from a seaman in the 1933 original to a playwright (played by Adrien Brody) working on a movie script for filmmaker Carl Denham, portrayed by Jack Black. Of the funnyman’s unorthodox casting, Jackson says, "He’s an actor at the end of the day. A very good actor, as I am discovering more and more as we go along."

Elsewhere, in USA Weekend, KONG heroine Naomi Watts discusses working with Andy Serkis, who performed the movements that will be used to bring the CGI big ape to life. "They’re filming us both at the same time," she reveals, "so all Andy’s movements are matched up to mine. Andy went to Rwanda, where he studied and fed gorillas," and his research was so thorough that "you kind of forget you’re working with a guy, not a real gorilla." The actress also comments that "This is the biggest film I’ve made, and I had a few minutes of worry whether this would be the only thing I’m remembered for. I’m also about 15 years to old to play it." Watts, soon to be seen in THE RING TWO, is 36; Fay Wray was 26 when she made the ’33 film, and Jessica Lange was 27 in the 1976 Dino De Laurentiis update. —Michael Gingold


This Just In From Dark Horizons.

Peter Jackson opened up his Wellington studios last week to give roughly two hundred people a sneak peek at footage from "King Kong" reports Variety.

All guests, including exhibitor reps, international distributor UIP and a Universal Pictures delegation, were obliged to sign confidentiality agreements. Jackson screened 18 minutes of footage of the $160 million remake, showing off his Weta digital workshop and lavish sound mixing facility.

Displaying some of the miniatures, he explained how he told his tech crew the miniature forest had to show the effect of wind rippling the branches and leaves as the big ape lumbers through it - apparently a feat never pulled off before.

Thanks to 'Booga'


King Kong screening for movie execs

Click to enlarge photo

Film industry players from around the world got their first glimpse of footage from the latest re-make of "King Kong" when they were flown to director Peter Jackson's native New Zealand.

Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" film trilogy was a huge source of pride for many in the Pacific island nation, whose raw beauty was the backdrop for much of the "Rings" series and now for the remake of one of the world's most famous monster movies, the 1933 classic "King Kong."

See The Rest At Yahoo UK


Who Are The People In Kong's Neighborhood? Find Out At KIK In P.D. 103.


Brody Conquers Kong

Adrien Brody, who stars in Peter Jackson's upcoming King Kong remake, told SCI FI Wire that he sees his character as a departure from the emotionally charged roles he's played in the past in such films as The Pianist. "King Kong is really wonderful, because it's a chance to not subject myself to the emotional torment," Brody said in an interview. "Now I am physically abused. I'm spending 11 hours on a harness shooting stunts and doing these things that you can't put somebody else in there.”

The Rest At SciFi Wire


Son of Quint's KONG reports part 1: The Live Version! KONG! Ann! Skull Island!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here typing on my very nice and pretty Powerbook in Wellington, New Zealand. Specifically, I'm sitting in the big A Stage of Stone Street Studios as the crew of KING KONG slowly returns from lunch. I've been here since the 5th of February and I'm leaving tomorrow, a full 4 days earlier than planned at the insistence of Paramount to catch the last day of shooting on WAR OF THE WORLDS. I know you hate me. Hell, I hate me.

The Rest Is Over At AICN



A Day In The Life Of Peter Jackson: Kong Diary Day 100.

I've Tried To Isolate Some Cool Shots To Give Us A Little More Than A Fleeting Glimpse.