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Top left; Using a clay model to help as guide for the giant bust.
Bottom left; A huge articulated hand that grasped Fay Wray.
Top right; The giant bust starts to take shape.
Bottom left; One of Kong's eyeballs!

The finished product!

One of Willis O'Brien's animators in action.
This 18" miniature begins his ascent up the Empire State Building.

Kong had many faces.
1) Prototype of a more "human-looking" face; 2) Prototype of a "missing link" type of face; 3) The "long face" that was used in the jungle scenes; 4) The "round face" that was used in the city scenes.

There was also more than just one model of Kong.

Here you see a wooden miniature used in the film.

This was a scene that did not make the final cut. It had shown Kong falling to his death from the Emipre State Building from an arial view. As you can see, the projected image of Kong seemed transparent, therefore the shot didn't work.

Here you see the most famous, never viewed scene from ANY movie!
The infamous spider-scene!!
During pre-screenings, audiences seemed utterly terrified, causing Merian C. Cooper to personally cut this from the reel himself. He felt "it stopped the show cold."
(If you look closely, you may note the miniature sailor posed upon the log.)

Here is a model of a styracosaurus not used in the movie.


Special thanks to James Allen for the nice spider and styraco pics!