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Joe's Page of Rubbish

Welcome to Joe's page of rubbish! Here you can find a small assortment of pointless crap that I decided to bundle up and put on my webpage for no other reason than the simple fact that I was bored. I hope you enjoy whatever this page has to offer, and if not, I don't really blame you. I'm the first person to admit that this page just plain sucks. Well, enjoy.

The Current Sections

Music & Sound
Tavdog's Hatebook(Now w/ extra footage!)
See "The Pic"
Joe's Links
Meaningless Crap
My Spambook

More sections coming soon.

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2000

3/11/00 Update:
- Ok, this isn't much of an update. I haven't had as much free time as I would like lately, so this site is coming along slowly right now. Anyway, I've started work on a few new sections, so look forward to seeing them in the future!
- I'm working on submitting my site to some search engines right now. Yay, now people around the world can experience the horror known as my site! I would have done it already, but I'm an idiot so that's why it's taking so long. I should have it figured out by next update.
- Updated my links.
- Fixed various grammatical errors my dumb ass made. (Yeah, like you'll ever notice)

3/06/00 Update:
- Officially changed the name of the site from "Joe's page of nothing" to "Joe's page of rubbish". Why, you ask? Well, after very little thought on the matter, I concluded that I like the sound of "Joe's page of rubbish" more than its previous name. Also, using a word like "rubbish" makes me seem more intelligent than if I used the word "nothing".
- Updated the Meaningless Crap section to something even more meaningless.
- Updated my links.
- Ripped off my She-Demon pic from frost world. Thanks Frost!
- Got bored and spammed my own spambook, only to find out that all the shit I wrote never showed up because fucked up. Arrrrggghh!!
- Fixed broken link to my music section. How the hell did it even break in the first place? Go figure.