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This page was created as a tribute to Gregory and Olivia Richards on Sunset beach.

Olivia and Gregory Richards is played so well by Lesley-Anne Down and Sam Behrens.


Gregory Richards and Olivia Blake Richards

Gregory and Olivia met early, when they were in school-age. Olivia didnīt want Gregory to know that she was poor so she avoided him. She wanted him but she knew she wasnīt "good enough" for the great law student. And when Del Douglas

offered her 10.000 dollars she exepted the offer. But she didnīt know he was gonna steal Elaines son Cole. So she took the money and now she had her chance with Gregory. Del introduced them to each other on a cocktail-party and they fell in love. They got married and had their first child: Caitlin.

Those were the happiest time together. But when Olivia had a misscarriage their world crashed down. Gregory pulled away from Olivia to work and that made Olivia start drinking to buiry the pain. She seeked comfort in other men. And Gregory with other women. And when Olivia got pregnant with Sean

Gregory couldnīt love their new son because he didnīt want to lose him as he lost their other son. Olivia took care of him and Gregory of Caitlin. The family problems they had was because of the misscarriage. Olivia and Gregory almost got divorced a couple of times but they never got through with it. And the years passed by...

AND WHEN SUNSET FIRST AIRED... They still had their big family problems. Gregory and Olivia was bearly on speaking terms. And after Caitlin broken up with Cole because of Gregory Cole found a drunk Olivia in the grotto. They slept together not knowing the others bond with Caitlin. They later found out who they was and agreed not to tell anyone about it. Well, Bette already knew... Then Sean had his accident and had to go through a big brain sergury Olivia and Gregory grew closer to each other again. They conforted and stood by each other. They shared their first real kiss for a long time and started a good relationship. They were happy again. Then Olivia found out taht she was pregnant and almost went through an abortion because she didnīt know who the father of the baby was. But she kept it. She didnīt tell Gregory she was pregnant. And than Gregory came up with the plan to break Cole and Caitlin up by stealing their baby they were expecting. And Olivia should say that she was pregnant not knowing that she really was expecting. Olivia had no choise but to go along with his plan. But it failed. On their way back to Sunset Beach after almost comming to San Francisco Olivia and Caitlin were in a car accident. They all thought Cait had died. Olivia made it and she finally told Gregory she was really pregnant.

Annie got the news that she had to marry Gregory before July 1st to get the stocks in Gregory and Bens company so she set out to destory their marriage. She managed to break them up for a while but they got back together again. So when she found out what they was gonna do to Caitlins baby se did the exact same thing to them. She gave Olivia drugs and delivered her baby up in a cabin. She took the baby and without saying whos baby it was she gave it to Caitlin who never told Cole she had lost their baby. They started raising him as their own only Caitlin, Annie and Sean knowing it wasnīt their baby. Annies crime partner Dr. Carl Brock told Olivia and Gregory that their baby was stillborn. Annie made it look like Olivia had been drinking so Gregory would blame her for their babys death. And he did. Olivia was devastated and almost commited suicide but Cole saved her from it. She when left town for a month to be with herself. She later got back into town with A.J only to find that Gregory and Annie now were a couple. They got a divorce and Annie married Gregory in Las Vegas. And so comes Shockwave...

Olivia went to visit the Richards house finally remembering what really happened to her baby. Annie confessed everything, including that Caitlin and Coles son were hers. Olivia didnīt want to hurt Caitlin so she couldnīt say anything. And the first earthquake hit. Annie saved Olivia from death. Gregory, A.J and Leo rushed to the house only to find Annie trapped with baby Trey on one side of the floor and Olivia on the other side. Gregory and Olivia convinced Annie to pass Trey over to them. After she did Gregory and Olivia ruched to the hospital with Trey who had a hard time breathing. But on their way the second earthquake hit and Gregory crached the car. He found that Trey was o.k but Olivia was unconsious. He was so afrid of loosing her that he cried. He denied it when Olivia finally woke up. Gregory smelled gas and hurried to get Trey and Olivia out of the car. But Olivia was stuck. While some pass-through people held Trey for them Gregory managed to get Olivia out before the car exploded. They got Trey to the hospital but Trey needed something from his mother to survive so Olivia told the doctor that she was Treys mother. Gregory thought she was only buying time till Cailtin got there. When Caitlin got to the hospital Annie told her that she had already managed Treys mother to give Trey whatever it was that he needed. But Caitlin couldnīt lie anymore and toled Olivia the truth about she not being Treys real mother.

After Shockwave... Gregory who had made Annie sign a paper that he had her shares in the company if they got diverced threatened Annie to take the shrares. Annie threatened to kill herself. They made a bet, they wasnīt gonna sleep together... And to make Gregory loose the bet she slipped him Viagra. He drank it, but ot didnīt go the way Annie wanted it to go. Gregory and Olivia got stucked in the elevator together and almost made love! Annie told A.J what she had done and together tried to get Gregory and Olivia out of the elevator before something would happen between them. They succeded.