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WOW! Major spoiler alert!
I'm working on character descriptions this very moment! {well mabye not right now} so give me some time. This page takes a minute or two to load, it's worth it though!! :P !!

Uhohh what happened to Lantis....?


Alcione is a Yil / Masoushi or sorcerer of ice. She used to be Clef's student before she turned to Zagato. She was in love with Zagato but it was purly one-sided. She is such a dominatrix! She enjoyed watching the Knights get hurt! But that was only because she was doing something that Zagato would be happy about. So if Zagato would just drop Emeraude and settle for Alcione none of this crap would have happened. Of course Rayearth would have been boring then.


He's a Bal/ Shoukanshi(Summoner). He doesn't seem to have a particular element. He works for Zagato because Zagato promised a haven for his "friends"(the creatures he summons). Supposedly he's seen a lot of hardship coming from hardheaded, old-fashioned Cephirans that thought that the creatures were monsters and therefore harmful.... who never listened to Ascot's pleas that his friends were completely harmless.... so he had no place where he could live happily with his creatures when Zagato came up with his offer. But don't worry.. in the end, he lives happily with the rest of the RE1 crew in the central castle of Cephiro. You would think Umi would be less dunce about her own suitors..... I mean, Clef and Ascot show at least SOME interest in her, and well, she's not hooked up with either by the end!!


- She is a Illusionist. In part 2, she mentioned that she was a dancer from Chizeta. She said she stuck around Cephiro because she found a guy. And that's also why her illusion spells involve extensive dancing. If you watch her dance long enough, you lose control of your body, and you become her puppet. Only if you have a strong Will can you escape her Illusion. She has the guts to say that she is "wonderful, beautiful, and voluptuous (nice-bodied)".... She's a little too materialistic. Her alliance with Zagato was that he was paying her to "get rid" of the Magic Knights. I don't think anyone really dislikes her though.

Princess Emeraude

From another website...-She is the Pillar that supports Cephiro with the power of her Prayer. Cephiro reflects exactly what is going on within the Princess's Heart. Right now, she cannot pray for the peace and stability of Cephiro, so there are monsters creating confusion and war all thoughout the land. Although younger than Clef, she is pretty old. Nevertheless, the Princess looks like a young girl. Supposedly Zagato took her and imprisoned her. *wink wink* But thats not how it really happened. You'll have to read about Zagato to know the truth behind that...


- Definetly the most lazy person in the series. He instantly "hit it off" with Fuu, despite the fact that Fuu was the most skeptical of his stories when they met. Alrighty people.. you know how the family was listed as one sister in the begining of RayEarth2? That sister is Emeraude. Ferio's true title is Prince of Cephiro. Man, Fuu landed a big one!

Guru Clef

- There's that convient manga again."The Master Sorceror that provides magic and teaches the spells to people who possess magical potential. He promised Princess Emeraude to help lead those summoned from another world to become the Magic Knights. He looks like a child, but is 745 years old. He is the supreme Yil (magician) -- therefore the title "Guru". He seems to have a short temper."


-He's the right-hand man for Zagato in the anime. He's the stereotypical "extremely loyal to his master, the big bad guy in the series" type villain? He's good at cross-dressing. Enough to fool Ferio! Fuu and Ferio made up in the end! Don't worry! And Innova, after that plan failed, turns into a cute little beast. He's not human but rather assums human form. He's accually more of a seijyu. A rather cute seijyu.



She's the COOL dominatrix! She likes to torture! That's a sure sign she's a dominatrix. Ohh look! Another Manga!"A Pharle's job is to create weapons for all occasions -- ceremonial symbols as well as weapons for battle. Presea is the supreme Pharle; she is the only one that can create weapons from the Legendary Mineral Eskudo. Sometimes she does not listen to what others say; she lets her imagination run wild instead... That is the troubling thing about her." Mokona sure likes harassing her. Well, you know that depending on the medium you choose, she's dead or alive at the end of part II, right? If you read the manga, she stays alive the whole time. And if you watch the anime, she really dies in Episode 6. Then who was it in part II of the anime!? That was her twin sister, Sierra. They were both in love with Clef. Identical twins, with same occupation, fall for same man... Sounds like a corny soap opera to me!


So Nova. She's this girl and she has a Mashin named Regalia. She casts fire spells and likes to rag on Hikaru. Why? you ask? Revenge.... what a sweet-sounding word......Nova is Hikaru's shadow, a figment of Hikaru's imagination, a piece of Hikaru's heart that regretted killing Emeraude that was left in Cephiro all by herself......Debonair found her {nova}, and basically brainwashed her to think that if Hikaru died, she would be happier. But Nova finds out the truth in the end that's another example of good defeating evil that we see in RayEarth 2 anime.Now the "I was born for Hikaru" makes sense doesn't it?


Primera is the little fairy who always accompanies Lantis wherever he goes. It was said that Lantis rescued her some time ago and therefore she fell in love with him. She is capable of healing magic, which she only use on Lantis.


Lafarga is the chief of the imperial guardians of the princess Emeraude. He felt under a spell casted by Zagato(that is why those marks in his face), and became a loyal servant of him, until the Magic Knights set him free of that spell accidentally when Lafarga touched the Sword of Hikaru. His attacks are really amazing 'cause he can destroy a rock which is very far away from him with a single slash. In the second season he is a good boy and has a secret romance with Caldina.

Sol Zagato

A calm, considerate person. He has one of the strongest Hearts in all of Cephiro, and used it to support Emeraude's prayers as Pillar and protect her so that nothing got in the way of her prayer.

Alright this is how it really goes... "She is the Pillar that supported Cephiro with the power of her Prayer. But, she fell in love with Zagato and summoned the Magic Knights to have them kill her. She looked like a young girl different from her actual age) when she was a Pillar; she looks "grown up" now that she has learned of Zagato's death.""He loved Emeraude, and thus for the sake of his own Heart, positioned himself against the Magic Knights." Emeraude fell in love with Zagato. Zagato fell in love with Emeraude. But their love was forbidden: Emeraude couldn't think of anything other than Cephiro. She couldn't think about him by the laws of Cephiro, but she could not stop thinking about him. So she imprisoned herself in the dungeon in hopes of forgetting him. She could not forget him, and therefore summoned Hikaru,Umi, and Fuu to kill her because Pillars couldn't commit suicide -- and at the rate she was going, she was going to destroy Cephiro by thinking about Zagato. Zagato, on the other hand, decided to fight the Magic Knights because he didn't want to see his love killed -- even if her being alive meant that Cephiro would fall to ruins.


-pic coming soon
She is the big bad soul in Cephiro that is trying to do something bad, which most likely is to take over Cephiro, being the stereotypical villainess that she is. Nova calls Debonair "mother"....But I don't believe they're actually related. She resides in the Dark Side of Cephiro, which is a mirror image of the Cephiro that the Magic Knights have their first adventure in.



-Hey theres a description right in the manga! *reading RayEarth2 tankoubon* "A child as anyone can see. The Empress-to-be of Fahren. She is the only heir and her parents have passed away, so she has grown up spoiled, but she is also honest and kind at heart. She decided to come to Cefiro from purely childish materialistic desires: she wants to become a pretty princess and do whatever she wishes. Sang Yung's mother was her nanny. She hates to study, and is always scolded by the sage Chang Ang -- but she never gives in to him. She controls the illusionary spells passed on only to the royal family in Fahren to fight the Magic Knights." Hey wasn't that just so convienient?

San Yun

Aska's personal advisor. He was of her age, but knew so many things because he learned alot. He was very loyal and always tried to protect his princess. But many times Aska's carelessness became too overwhelming for him.

Chan An

He was Faren's prime minister and Aska's mentor. A wise and broad-minded man. He cared so much for her, he was very strict in educating her. Sometimes Aska misunderstood his intentions and considered him a grumpy old man. Just like San Yun, he very often shocked by his princess' behaviors.


Eagle Vision

Eagle was the architect of Autozam's invasion to Cefiro, despite of his friendship with Lantis, and the commander of battleship NSX. To many, it appeared that his mission was to unveil the secret of Cefiro's Pillar System, that would be used to revive the polluted land and atmosphere of Autozam. But his true purpose he kept for himself. He was calm and sweet, but would become vicious onboard his robot, FTO. A square-headed who was willing to risk his life for what he believed in.

Geo Metro

A fighter, NSX's second in command. His robot, GTO, was never used in the story. He got along best with Zaz. Very protective towards Eagle, he would follow Eagle wherever he went. He didn't really agree with Eagle's plan to invade Cefiro, because he was also a good friend of Lantis'.

Zaz Torque

The chief mechanic of NSX. He had great passion for machines of any kind, especially giant robots. He was still a kid, but he was the one to count on when it came to technical problems.


Princess Tata

The younger princess of Chizeta. A passionate, enthusiast girl, with short temper and stubborness second to almost nobody. Chizeta's invasion to Cefiro was all her idea. Because of her love towards her parents, she intended to extend the area of Chizeta's authority, which was very limited. She had Raqoon as her guardian.

Princess Tatra

The crown princess of Chizeta. She always smiled, a very easy-going person. She was a simple girl, who enjoyed nothing but being with her sister. But she was very intelligent and very competent in military. Her abilities even surpassed those of Tata's. Rasheen was her guardian.

Raqoon and Rasheen

Raqoon was Tata's guardian geenie, while Rasheen was Tatra's. They loved to perform muscle-flexing ust like bodybuilders do, which disgusted Aska and the Magic Knights.