Flag BMW makes European Delivery not just easy but immensely enjoyable. Ray Iacovelli, the local program manager, can fill you in on every detail discussed here on our Web site, and more. To help in your decision, please note that the following are included as part of your package:

  • 14 days of free premium road insurance. All drivers in your party are covered. (A 10% deductible applies for theft only.)

  • 24-hour Roadside Assistance in most European countries

  • BMW International Warranty Service

  • Tourist registration and German tourist license plates. Registration cannot be renewed or extended beyond six months.

  • Factory preparation

  • Transportation of your BMW from your selected European drop-off city to port of export.

  • Marine insurance for shipping to the U.S.

  • Customs clearance

  • U.S. port processing and accessory installation

  • Wharfage and handling fees

  • Transportation from U.S. port to your nearest BMW retailer

Your new BMW in your chosen color and options configuration may need to be built to your order. Please allow three months time between your order and your pickup date. Also, be aware that the factory is closed during August, which may require a longer lead time.

Your purchase order is required six weeks prior to your pickup date. However, if you find yourself scheduled for an unexpected trip to Europe, call Ray at (808) 597-1225 to see what can be arranged. Full payment is required 30 days before you pick up your new BMW in Europe.

Delivery of your new BMW from Europe back to the U.S. takes six to eight weeks, depending on the location of your nearest dealer.

You may purchase up to six months of road insurance for your stay in Europe. You must do this as part of your purchase order; it may not be added later. If you keep your BMW in Europe for four months or longer, you must pay a German Road Use Tax. Please contact your BMW retailer for the rate schedule.

European Delivery is available only to U.S. residents age 18 or older with a valid driver's license who place their order within the U.S., travel to Europe and return their BMW to the U.S. within six months.

Tourist registration and German tourist license plates cannot be renewed or extended. Be sure to request adequate time when placing your order.

Cars financed by BMW Financial Services NA, Inc., are limited to 90 days maximum stay.

European Delivery can save you about 10% or greater compared with U.S. delivery. Please check the PRICING SECTION above to see the savings.

Your BMW center will prepare your new BMW for delivery to you a second time. Most centers will help convert your European paperwork to local licensing and registration.

Picking up your new BMW in Germany is a very exciting experience. The Munich Delivery Center is housed in the BMW Niederlassung - the largest BMW retailer in Germany. When you pick up your car, you will see an exquisite display of BMWs for sale and being delivered to other buyers, both German and from the U.S. Nearby, you'll find the BMW factory and the exciting BMW Museum, a must-see for BMW enthusiasts. It offers a look into BMW heritage you won't find anywhere else.

BMW Museum Munich
Petuelring 130
80809 Munich 40
Hours: 9am-5pm, M-F
8:30am-1pm, Sat.

You will receive a packet of detailed information after you place your order. It will include, among many other items, a map of Munich showing the precise location of the BMW Freimann Delivery Center - only a short distance from downtown Munich. A taxi will be able to find it with no difficulty.

The Munich Delivery Location:
BMW Welt
Am Olympiapark, 1
80788 Munich
Open: 8:00AM to 10:00PM
Delivery: 8:00AM to 3:00PM
Mon-Sun holidays excluded
Telephone: 49 (0) 180 2 118822

Once you arrive, please check in at the Information Counter to meet with a Sales Specialist. The delivery process takes approximately two hours. We suggest that you take that opportunity to visit the Parts Department and the Accessories boutique, which carries a large collection of BMW clothing and accessories. You will also receive a complimentary meal in the cafeteria.

The documents you need to pick up your car include: a valid passport and a valid driver's license.

Your car will be presented to you by a BMW representative who will explain all of your new BMW's features. When you've completed your orientation, you drive away in your new BMW for the very first time. As past participants can attest, it is an experience you will never forget.

We've included many tips and recommendations to make your tour of Europe a marvelous holiday. You can find them on Page 2. Scroll to the Links section of the Activities page.

You may drop off your BMW at your chosen drop-off point on weekdays during normal business hours. No reconfirmation is required nor are there any extra charges. Check the  legal holidays  in 2011 for delivery center closings. We also recommend that you contact the HARMS agent at your chosen drop-off point by phone or mail to assure there are no holiday conflicts. The packet of information you will receive after placing your order includes detailed drop-off guidance.

Drop-off locations include 21 cities in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, England, Italy, Spain and France. This list will help you find the one best suited to your travel plans.

Only the spare tire, jack and tools may remain in the car during shipment to the U.S. BMWs delivered from the Munich Delivery Center are equipped with a first aid kit and a hazard warning sign. If you wish to keep them, remove them along with floor mats and other personal items and take them with you.

In some U. S. States the custom duty you will have pre-paid satisfies the sales tax requirements. Check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles to inquire if you will be taxed when you register your BMW.



Click on this LINK to see which models are available for European Delivery.

Your trip begins with an exciting visit to your local BMW retailer, who helps If you want to visit Europe and want a new BMW, too, why not combine both desires into one very exciting vacation? BMW European Delivery lets you do precisely that. It lets you take delivery of your new BMW in Munich, where much of Europe is only a day's drive away. And it makes the process easy and financially attractive.

Your new BMW will be transported back to the U.S. by ship, arriving at your local BMW retailer in about six to eight weeks. Then you will be treated to the second wonderful part of BMW European Delivery. Your BMW retailer will prepare your new BMW for delivery to you a second time. Only this time, you'll drive your new BMW home. Just imagine enjoying it day after day on your favorite local roads and on longer trips. Plus you'll have an added benefit many BMW owners don't have - your memories of driving it in Europe on the finest roads in the world.

European Delivery offers cost savings on your purchase and includes necessities such as insurance and roadside assistance as part of the package. Plus, all details get wrapped up before your trip. So your enjoyment of Europe and your new BMW can be carefree.

If you'd like to explore your new BMW on roads that allow full appreciation of its legendary performance - and see Europe on your own schedule - this is the place to start. We've provided links to trip planning information and suggestions to make your European tour in your new BMW a journey you won't soon forget. And, in fact, it may become a vacation you soon want to repeat.

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Contact Ray E-Mail
and he can help you with hotel reservations in Munich and select locations in Germany, Switzerland, France, and Italy.

Pick up your new BMW in Germany and suddenly Europe is within
driving distance.