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A group swimming with horses in the Applemore Lake, New Forest

A group Duke of Edinburgh Award students swimming with horses in the Applemore Lake, New Forest

Stephanie Berridge, New Forest Riding Centre
The Old Barn, Dale Farm, Manor Road
Applemore Hill, Near Dibden
Southampton, SO45 5TJ, UK

Mobile - 07815-145818, Office phone - 02380-843180


Registered Farrier - Jeff Townsend-Berridge - Tel 07813-301034

The New Forest Riding and Watersports Centre at Applemore welcomes beginners, intermediate and experienced riders for lessons or for rides through the beautiful New Forest in a manner that will suit the ability of the individual rider. We are is at the very edge of the open New Forest and you can hack out directly into the woodland and onto the extensive heaths with no roadwork. There are very good, reliable, home-bred horses and ponies to suit all types of riders. You can go for one hour, two hours or for a longer pub-ride. In addition to forest riding, there are also watersport and lakeside activities, including camping, barbeques and swimming with the horses. Specialised training courses are provided for the more advanced riders who can work for Pony Club and BHS examinations at all levels. There are special spring and summer courses and full and part-time training for BHS Stage III and IV examinations. There are working and paying students. Other equestrian activities of the Centre include: horse trials, dressage, show jumping and cross country. Farmhouse style bed and breakfast accomodation is available. The Centre has appeared on television in Cilla Black's " Blind Date " and Meridian TV's " Coastal Ways ".

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Ride and lead practise A quiet ride at Sleepy Hollow


Stephanie Berridge, the proprietor, with clients at the Beaulieu Road Hotel, New Forest


How to find us!

Safety Instructions
(We are very safety-conscious. These must be read before commencing)

(This must be completed before commencing)

Rider Grading Scheme


Greys in Marchwood Inclosure, near the New Forest Riding Centre Hacking near Irons Hill Inclosure, New Forest


The Noads, Dibden Inclosure A university group out in the forest


A group on a pub ride Deadmans Hill in February 2004


Joanna and Linda descend Deadmans Hill A client swimming a horse in the Applemore Lake


Chrissy on Punch Cantering through a ford

Riding through the ford near Pig Bush, New Forest Young lady on a grey

Through the pine wood Evening ride in Marchwood Inclosure, New Forest


Forest Rides. Straight into the New Forest.

Tuition for Beginners

Tuition for Intermediate Students


Advanced Tuition and Training


Special needs riders

Horses for Sale

Buying a part-share in a horse

Advanced tuition

Shetland pony riding for children

Saturday Club - Own a Pony

Summer Pony Camps

Swimming with Horses

Arrangements for Wedding Ceremonies


Copyright 2004 of Stephanie Berridge.

Mobile - 07815-145818, Office phone - 02380-843180


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Farrier - Jeff - Tel. 07813-301034